Whole9 Seminars – More Than Just Nutrition

Looking for a Whole9 Nutrition Seminar in your area? Check the Event  Calendar on our sidebar for dates, locations and registration information, or visit http://whole9.eventbrite.com/.

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Workshop Details:

Our seminars are scheduled for a full day, and run from 9 AM – 5 PM.  This includes an hour long lunch break, where we encourage attendees to hang out and socialize with each other and the Whole9 crew.   Feel free to bring your own snacks, beverages, and anything else that will keep you comfortable during the event. (And make sure to bring some paper and a pen, because you’ll want to take notes!)

Registration Fees:

Registration fees for all full-day seminars are $100 per person if you register early – $115 if you’re late to the party.   Space is limited, so we encourage early birds!  With your registration fee, you also receive a packet full of resources, recipes, meal planning tools and special discounts.

Scheduling a Whole9 Nutrition Workshop:

Interested in scheduling your own Whole9 Nutrition Seminar? We offer some sweet incentives to our hosts, in an effort to compensate you for your time and effort and help to make your event a huge success. Whether you’re a CrossFit gym, a yoga studio, a business organization or a special interest group interested in changing your lives… email workshops@whole9life.com to request available dates.