Whole30® Approved

Our Whole30® Approved label is designed to let you know a product is 100% compliant with the rules of our Whole30® program. In addition, it lets you know this product, and the company who stands behind it, have been vetted personally by Whole9.  We have a personal relationship with every Whole30 Approved producer, and feel confident that not only their products, but their core values and mission, are in line with ours and that of our readers.  (And for the record, we earn no commission when promoting these companies - we just really like their stuff!)  To read more about our Whole30 Approved label, click here.

To inquire about joining our family of Whole30® Approved products, please email whole30@whole9life.com.

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We also have a select number of Whole9 Affiliates – companies who offer products and services in line with our philosophies and programs. These companies sponsor our events, offer free giveaways on our site and Facebook page, and help us promote and share our Good Food message through their audiences and customers.  In addition, most, if not all, of their offerings are appropriate for our Whole30 program.

To inquire about joining our family as a Whole9 Affiliate, please email erin@whole9life.com.

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