Tom Denham

I work from home analyzing and trading the stock market. I am passionate about cooking and imagine that going to culinary school to become a chef would be fun. However, I am reluctant to take the pay cut and start over again even though starting over again is something I have done repeatedly. My career roles over the years have included Christian pastor, marriage and family therapist, Employee Assistance Program manager, investment company director, veterinary clinic manager, and computer network administrator. If you are interested in all the bloody details, my resume is posted at

I began the Whole30 approach to eating in May of 2010. I started sleeping better than I had in 5 years. I started establishing new personal records in the gym. Just today I back squatted 205 pounds, up from the record 195 pounds that I set about a month ago. And I am confident I can squat more next week! I began to enjoy eating and cooking. I dropped from 213 to 193 pounds by December, while eating more food than I had when I followed a conventional, “healthy” diet.

Before I started eating the Whole30 way, I thought my physical fitness had peaked when I was in my 30s. It’s not true. My 53-year-old self could pick up my 35-year old self in a fireman’s carry and jog down the road with him, and the old me could not have done that with the new me. The Whole30 is the best thing that ever happened to my fitness life.

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Tom Denham

Alpharetta, Georgia