A Whole New Whole9 and Whole30®

You may have noticed it's been a little quieter than usual on our blog, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds. We're not ignoring you, we promise. We've just been hard at work on some pretty big projects—both of which are going to making connecting with us, learning lots of new stuff, and doing our Whole30 program 87.3% easier.* Want a sneak peek, and a preview of what we've got in store for you? Well you're in luck, because we just can't wait any longer to tell you. *Science. Over the last … [Read more...]

Whole9: Our 9 Factors

Today, we’re going to dig into “our 9”—the nine factors that we believe, when properly balanced, will lead you to optimal health. We created these 9 Factors in 2009, when we first founded Whole9, as a way to incorporate a holistic approach into our lifestyle consulting practice. We've talked around them, we've referenced them on our blog and in our seminars, we've written articles about them... but we've never actually explained them in any great detail. So today, as we revise some of our 9 … [Read more...]

We Are Whole9, And We Are Grateful

As we prepare to celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving, the Whole9 team wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year, and share in the things for which we are grateful. From Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, owners/founders, Whole9 We are grateful for our community, and the platform to share our experience, advice, and views with so many people looking to change their lives for the better. We are grateful to be growing a healthy, happy baby, and that so far, the process has been amazingly … [Read more...]

Be Good to Yourself, Inside and Out

You’ve completed the Whole30® - and it was a smashing success. You made it through the headaches, the cravings, the dreaded “carb flu.”  You found the increased energy, reduced bloating, and clearer head that others who have done the Whole30 have promised you. You now love vegetables, aren't afraid of saturated fats, and have learned to cook delicious and nutritious meals for yourself and your family. And most importantly, you’ve changed your relationship with food.  Food now is your friend, … [Read more...]

There is Hope for Autoimmune Illness: A Guest Post by Ann Wendel

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Ann Wendel, the newest addition to the Whole9 family. You may already know Ann from her physical therapy work or blog, Prana Physical Therapy, but today she joins us as the newest addition to our growing roster of Whole9 professional consultants . Ann will not only be contributing articles to our 9 Blog, but will also offer her specialized consulting services through the Whole9 site. Get to know Ann through her first guest post here, and review her … [Read more...]

Winning the Race Against JRA: A Guest Post by Summer Wesson

We are thrilled to feature this story for two reasons. First, Summer is the first real-life example we've encountered of someone who has cured their autoimmune disease. That's right - cured her autoimmune disease. Second, she did it with the help of a Paleo diet, our Whole30® program, and the tremendous coaching and guidance of Eric LeClair of Team CrossFit Academy, an esteemed Whole9 Nutrition Partner. Read. Be inspired. And share the hopeful message of Summer's story. Summer's Story I was … [Read more...]

Looking at the Whole Picture: A Guest Post by Jamie Scott

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Jamie Scott, the newest addition to the Whole9 family. You may already know Jamie from his well-read New Zealand-based blog, That Paleo Guy, but today he joins us as the newest addition to our growing roster of professional consultants and Whole9 team members. (If you see some new faces on those pages, don't worry - we'll be introducing everyone soon enough!) Jamie will not only be contributing articles to our 9 Blog, but will also offer his … [Read more...]

Three All New Whole9 T-Shirts

We are happy to announce a new line of Whole9 shirts - three screen-printed designs in limited quantities. All designs are printed on American Apparel unisex track t-shirts, in sizes X-Small to X-Large. (Sizing information can be found on the American Apparel site. Please note, women may want to order one size down.) You can visit our Whole9 store at http://whole9.bigcartel.com/. We'll be shipping shirts out via USPS Priority Mail a few times a week, from SLC. Shirts are $20, plus $5 for … [Read more...]

Welcome Robin Strathdee to the Whole9 Team

We are happy to announce the newest member of the Whole9 team - Robin Strathdee. Robin is our new Director of Communications, and will be responding to requests for information about our programs and events, helping us maintain a strong social media presence and generally keeping this ship sailing smoothly. As her background and education may suggest (she's got a degree in journalism), Robin is also a talented writer and blogger, and will be contributing to our site with guest posts from time … [Read more...]