It Starts With Food Gets a Makeover

We have another big announcement in preparation for our Whole9-sponsored Whole30 program starting August 1st. (Did you miss our first big announcement? In summary, yay, spuds!) Our second announcement is related to the new Whole30 program rules, and features our New York Times bestselling book, It Starts With Food. It Starts With Food has a spiffy new redesign, and one important update. Don't panic—95% of the book is exactly the same. (And red wine, chocolate, and pancakes are still … [Read more...]

Ask Whole9 Canada: How To Deal With Unsupportive People

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Summer and Sarah talk about how to deal with unsupportive people. Starting a Whole30 or making any big changes in your nutrition or lifestyle to improve your health can be made difficult when you don't have a good support system. We often hear stories from our clients that range from subtle comments from friends such as, "Can't you just have one … [Read more...]

Ask Whole9 Canada: Are Smoothies Healthy?

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Amy asks, "Are smoothies a healthy choice?" People ask us about smoothies in our workshops and in our everyday consulting all the time. The media will have you believe that starting your day with a big tall glass of liquid food is the epitome of health. However, we tend to disagree. In this episode of S&STV, we discuss the research around … [Read more...]

Ask Whole9 Canada: Strategies to Manage Cravings

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Kristina asks, "What strategies would you recommend for dealing with my food cravings?" Cravings or strong desires for certain foods, are something that many people struggle with. We talk a lot about how our desires for food can be the result of our unhealthy psychological response to food, hormonal imbalances and stress in our workshops, and it is … [Read more...]

You Ask, We Answer: “Do You Ever Cheat?”

At a local seminar last week, an attendee asked Melissa, "Do you ever cheat?" There was so much to this question: We don't call it a cheat, because we're doing nothing wrong. We aren't perfect eaters, because no one is, and we don't expect you to be either. Yes, we indulge, when we decide it's worth it. In essence, we practice what we preach.* That brought to mind this post, originally written after a trip to Mexico in 2011. It's a good reminder for those who have been following us a while, … [Read more...]

Sometimes, We Get It Wrong. Sorry, Pure Wraps.

In 2011, we discovered this cool new "sandwich wrap" substitute, made only of coconut. Dubbed "The Pure Wraps," we thought of them as the perfect grain-free meat-and-veggie-holder-togetherer, like using a lettuce leaf or sheet of nori (only less messy). We had some great conversations with the owner of the company, felt good about the product, their quality, and the company, and decided to make them Whole30® Approved. Over the last two years, this has been the most hotly contested Whole30 … [Read more...]

The Whole9 Holiday Prep Guide

For faithful readers and Whole30® veterans, the upcoming holiday season may be just another few weeks during which they’ll get to practice the skills they’ve learned during past Whole30’s—what we call “riding their own bike.” To this first group, the Whole9 veterans, we say, “Go on with your bike-riding holiday self.” Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, make it deliberate, make it worth it, and most of all, savor the time with family, friends, and the food you choose. But for … [Read more...]

Halloween Candy Is Not Special

For those of you following the Whole30® program, certain upcoming holidays may prove a test of willpower. Halloween candy is everywhere, calling out to you from perky colored wrappers in perfectly portioned bite-sized pieces. So, if you're stocking up for trick-or-treaters, or dealing with an influx of candy in your child's own bag o' booty, we are here to remind you of one simple fact. You can have candy any time you want. You're a grown-up. You earn your own money. And if you wanted a … [Read more...]

Ten Things With Melissa Joulwan, Author of Well Fed 2

When you get your hands on your very own copy of Well Fed 2, some things will be immediately obvious: It’s gorgeous. Seriously. The book is packed with vibrant, mouthwatering, full-color photos by Dave Humphreys, Mel’s partner in life, food and all things Smudge. It’s packed with 110 original recipes, most of which also include Mel’s signature, “You know how you could do that?” variations. Add to that 45 no-recipe-necessary quick meal ideas, autoimmune protocol variations, and “Tastes … [Read more...]

Please Stop Saying “Everything in Moderation”

For those looking to lose weight and get healthier, there is certainly no shortage of dietary advice. Thousands of experts share their tips to “get bikini-ready by summer!” and “lose those last 10 pounds!” in magazines, newspaper articles, television programs, and website advertisements. While much of their advice is totally conflicting ("Eat breakfast to control your appetite!" "Skip breakfast and lose weight!"), there are some pieces of dietary advice that everyone seems to agree on. Today, … [Read more...]