Ask Whole9 Canada: The Importance Of Defining Health vs. Performance Goals

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Summer and Sarah discuss the importance of defining health versus performance goals. Having clearly defined goals is important to achieving the success you desire. When there are multiple goals, you risk having to sacrifice one area to achieve the greatest potential in the other. We can bucket the most common goals into three categories: health, … [Read more...]

Please Stop Saying “Everything in Moderation”

For those looking to lose weight and get healthier, there is certainly no shortage of dietary advice. Thousands of experts share their tips to “get bikini-ready by summer!” and “lose those last 10 pounds!” in magazines, newspaper articles, television programs, and website advertisements. While much of their advice is totally conflicting ("Eat breakfast to control your appetite!" "Skip breakfast and lose weight!"), there are some pieces of dietary advice that everyone seems to agree on. Today, … [Read more...]

The 400,000 Hour Body

A nice little reminder from the Whole9 archives. Also, we've not read the 4 Hour Body, so can't speak to its contents - we just thought this title played nicely. We get a lot of questions about products, services and protocols that promise miraculous results - improved body composition, fitness, energy or health - with minimal effort. This slant is not new – the lure of a shortcut (or “free lunch”, as Gym Jones calls it) has been the carrot dangling from our health-and-fitness stick since … [Read more...]