At-home fermentation (no science degree required)

Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha are trendy right now, but unlike the oh-so-popular cronut, they're trendy for their extensive health-promoting properties. You've probably heard of probiotics—they are healthy bacteria that help our digestive tracts and keep us healthy. But what you may not know is that fermented foods sitting on a grocery store shelf may not contain many (if any) of those good little critters. Want to be sure your fermented foods are fresh, delicious, and … [Read more...]

Quench Your Thirst Whole9 Style

We like to think of our nutrition recommendations in terms of what you can have, as opposed to what you can’t. Even so, people inevitably start to think of their glass as half empty when they’re asked to scratch certain beverages off their shopping list in preparation for the Whole30®. No soda?! No cream and sugar in my coffee? No alcohol!?! What the heck will I drink?! Today, instead of “no” this or “no” that, try to think in terms of what drinks you can say yes! yes! yes! to. Like yes, I … [Read more...]