The Whole9 Holiday Prep Guide

For faithful readers and Whole30® veterans, the upcoming holiday season may be just another few weeks during which they’ll get to practice the skills they’ve learned during past Whole30’s—what we call “riding their own bike.” To this first group, the Whole9 veterans, we say, “Go on with your bike-riding holiday self.” Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, make it deliberate, make it worth it, and most of all, savor the time with family, friends, and the food you choose. But for … [Read more...]

Thinking About a Holiday Whole30? Think Again.

As we approach the holiday season, we find ourselves preparing for all kinds of festivities – 97.2% of which include buffet tables laden with unhealthy food. (1) We’ll be tempted all season long with breads and cheeses, chips and dips, pies, cookies, and cakes – and we haven’t even mentioned the wine, brandy, and eggnog. There’s a reason our January nutrition seminars are so popular—the holidays bring out the worst in us (nutritionally, that is). The stress of the season, the endless … [Read more...]

Whole9’s Holiday Simplicity Guide

As we checked out at the grocery store at 2 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving, a cacophony of holiday-themed magazines screamed out at us in ALL CAPS: Drop 33 Pounds by Christmas! Sneaky Causes of Fall Tiredness! Create This Unique Crudite Plate! 77 Brilliant Holiday Entertaining Ideas! Holiday Heels That Dazzle! 20 Crafty Gifts Under $20! Wow Everyone: Holiday Hair! So, let me get this straight…between now and Christmas, I’m supposed to lose more than a pound a day, produce a gorgeous updo, … [Read more...]