Whole9’s Holiday Simplicity Guide

As we checked out at the grocery store at 2 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving, a cacophony of holiday-themed magazines screamed out at us in ALL CAPS: Drop 33 Pounds by Christmas! Sneaky Causes of Fall Tiredness! Create This Unique Crudite Plate! 77 Brilliant Holiday Entertaining Ideas! Holiday Heels That Dazzle! 20 Crafty Gifts Under $20! Wow Everyone: Holiday Hair! So, let me get this straight…between now and Christmas, I’m supposed to lose more than a pound a day, produce a gorgeous updo, … [Read more...]

Thinking About a Holiday Whole30®? Think Twice.

As we approach the holiday season, we find ourselves preparing for all kinds of festivities – 97.2%  of which include buffet tables laden with unhealthy food. (1)  We’ll be tempted all season long with breads and cheeses, chips and dips, pies, cookies and cakes – and we haven’t even mentioned the wine, brandy and eggnog. There’s a reason our January nutrition workshops are so popular - the holidays bring out the worst in us (nutritionally, that is).  The stress of the season, the endless … [Read more...]