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Below is a list of helpful web sites, articles, books, movies and other resources to help you along your nutritional path.

What we think about…

Probiotics. Everything you ever wanted to know about probiotics. Easily one of our most popular and active posts.

Digestive Enzymes. Everything you ever wanted to know about digestive enzymes. Easily one of our most popular and active posts.

Pregnancy and Food Aversions. A pregnant woman’s relationship with food isn’t just about what she wants — it’s also about the foods she can’t stand to eat. Or smell. Or even see, sometimes.

Weighing Yourself. Break up with your scale, once and for all.

Good Food. Our Good Food Manifesto.

Explaining Your Diet to People. If you only have one minute, this is how to tell people why you eat what you do.

Non-Hormonal Birth Control. Info on the pros and cons of different forms of non-hormonal birth control.

Being a Conscientious Omnivore. Discussions on the ethics of eating animals.

Feeding the Next Generation. Our “Generation P(aleo)” series.

Conversations With a Vegetarian. How to talk Paleo nutrition with your vegetarian friends and family.

Talking to Your Doctor. Our new “Talk to your Doc” articles will feature a series of guest posts written by medical professionals.

The 5 Best Exercise Movements. If you could only perform five exercise movements for the rest of your life, which five would you do? This three-part series has been one of our most popular blog post series to date.

Working Smarter vs. Harder. Would you rather be my (Dallas’) client or my patient?

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Whole30 Resources

Our Whole30 Program. Start your journey to health here.

The Whole30 Daily. Support, advice, and tough love in your email for every day of your Whole30.

It Starts With Food. The definitive guide to Good Food and the Whole30.

The Whole30 Forum. Our free forum for all things Whole30.

Health and Nutrition Web Sites

While we don’t always see eye-to-eye with everything written on all of these sites, use these resources to expand your scope of knowledge, and practice some critical thinking.

The Whole30. Since April 2009, tens of thousands of people have successfully completed our Whole30 program with life-changing results. Learn more about our philosophy, program, and benefits, and discover how the Whole30 could change your life.

The Clothes Make The Girl. Paleo bloggess extraordinaire and author of the immensely popular Well Fed and Well Fed 2.

Nom Nom Paleo. If you love great paleo recipes with easy-to-follow instructions, gorgeous photos, and a dash of cheeky cartoons thrown in, you’ll love Nom Nom as much as we do.

Stupid Easy Paleo. Nutrition, performance, recipes, and more. No wonder this site’s creator, Stephanie Gaudreau, is Dallas’ partner in spreading the Good Food Word at our Whole9 Athlete seminars.

Chowstalker. A recipe sharing site with an entire category of Whole30 Approved recipes submitted by folks just like you. Note: While the Whole9 team does our best to vet these recipes, they are user-identified as “Whole30,” and we can’t always keep up with submissions.  Read each recipe carefully to ensure Whole30 compliance–this is good practice for you!

The Foodee Project. The Foodee project brings some of the best Paleo recipes together in one easy-to-find location.  They scour the web and re-post creative, delicious healthy recipes… so you don’t have to!

Robb Wolf. Robb’s book (The Paleo Solution), blog posts and podcasts include a wealth of experiential and scientific information (cutting edge discoveries from genetics, biochemistry, immunology, and life extension research) about “the original human diet”.

Mark’s Daily Apple. The creation of Mark Sisson, whose mission is to “empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life.”

That Paleo Guy. Jamie Scott (with degrees in exercise science and nutritional medicine and half of our own Whole9 South Pacific team) believes the ultimate control one can have in their life is control over their own health.

Primalmed Ed. Anastasia Boulais, half of our own Whole9 South Pacific team and a newly minted medical doctor, works to reconcile conventional medical wisdom with ancestral health concepts.

Re-Evolutionary Jamie and Anastasia now write on their new combined site exploring their interests in both human and environmental health within an evolutionary biology and ancestral health framework.

Evolutionary Psychiatry.  Dr. Emily Deans is a a psychiatrist in Massachusetts, searching for evolutionary solutions to the general and mental health problems of the 21st century.

Dan’s Plan. Dan’s Plans’ mission is to, “help you get enough daily activity and sleep, and to help you eat the right amount of the right food. If you are overweight, we help you get to a weight where you feel best. If you’re at a healthy weight, we help you stay there long term.”