Rachel Rigdon

I currently own my own marketing consulting business specializing in telecommunications. I am also a C******* athlete and trainer. Ultimately my goal is to become a PA (Physicians Assistant), so the near term goal is to start working on my patient contact hours by the end of the year and apply to PA school once I have met the pre-requisite patient care hours. I plan on using my Whole30 and Paleo nutritional knowledge to guide my patient care as a PA.

C******* Training Qualifications

  • C******* Level 1 Instructor
  • Olympic Lifting Certified
  • Movement and Mobility Certified
  • Paleolithic Solutions Certified
  • Whole30 Trainers Workshop Certified

My Background and Whole30 Experience

I have always had a love for sports and fitness, which gave me a healthy outlet to feed my competitive nature. I did anything and everything I could get my mom to let me do. I played a large variety of sports from  competitive jump roping to volleyball and pretty much everything in between. Growing up in Alaska, I was also very much into being active outside and doing recreational sports like hiking, mountain biking, down hill skiing and the like.

I didn’t worry too much about my diet or what I put into my body, but definitely chose healthier options when they were available. In college, I didn’t really play any sports, but I did traditional weight training and cardio to keep my activity level up. However, boredom was something I fought every day. It wasn’t until then that I really got into the nutrition side of things. I began eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet and aside from being hungry all the time, I felt and looked good. Or so I thought.It wasn’t until I found C******* in early 2008 that everything changed for me. I found something that was very challenging from the beginning and was different all the time.

I immediately wanted to compete. I dove headfirst into C******* and accordingly, the Zone. I did as much research as I could on eating for performance and soon found Melissa’s blog, Urban Gets Diesel. I started hearing about Paleo and how that was actually a better way to enhance my performance. So, I changed my diet for the most part, and saw immediate results. I made huge strength gains, PR-ing in everything I did for months. I  followed Melissa from her blog over to her affiliate and into the transformation that became Whole9. I participated in the first Whole30 on my own, not leaving any comments on the site, but reading and absorbing as much as I could from post-ers. I was amazed at how I felt! I saw immediate relief of my IBS symptoms and had never felt better. I made the mistake of eating a big bowl of pasta not long afterward and felt like I had drank a bottle of tequila the night before. I have never ventured back to the dark side after that! I had the full effects of living a Whole30 lifestyle and I realized that my low-fat, high-fiber was not something I ever wanted to go back to.

In January of 2010, I broke the head of my radius doing a squat clean (elbows up people!). I had remembered a post Dallas and Melissa had written talking about eating well when you are all banged up. I committed right then and there to taking care of my body and only eating good food while I was healing from this injury. I had pretty much thought I was out for competing in the C******* Sectionals and therefore the Regional competition as well. I was devastated. Nonetheless, I continued to train as much as I could with my cast and focused on eating well – I was determined not to let this injury keep me down, even though I thought I was out for the year. My commitment paid off, I actually managed to get my cast off days before the Sectional competition – earlier thanscheduled. And, decided that if I wore my brace and taped my wrist up, I could actually do the Sectional workouts. I was pretty lucky to have been able to compete and even luckier still to qualify for the Regional Competition. I know there is no way that I could have healed as quickly and as solidly as I did, had I not taken such good care of my body by eating foods that make me healthier.

Because of the impacts of putting the Whole30 lifestyle into practice in my own life, I continually share my story and knowledge gained through experience and research to help others who feel they need to make a change in their own lives. I believe in this program, and I love to empower others to make decisions that ultimately change their lives. I want to take this to the next level as a PA and recommend to my patients that they seriously consider adopting a Whole30 lifestyle as one of the cornerstones in their treatment plan for recovery from injuries and for prevention of illness.

Rachel Canning

Tacoma, WA