Patty Ruiz

Being the eighth child in a family of nine, I grew up with the “clean your plate” and “there are starving kids in China” approaches to meals. Needless to say, I was overweight. My love/hate relationship with food began as a teenager without much direction on nutrition. Decades yo-yo dieting, anorexia, bulimia and sporadic efforts at exercise were soon to follow. It was not until my late 30s and a failed marriage that I realized all of this self-destructive behavior was a symptom of depression. I had 3 daughters to be an example for and choices to make about my future and theirs.

As I began to exercise and feel better about myself I also began to have a better understanding about my relationship with food.. I had been using food all along as punishment, reward and comfort instead of fuel. I didn’t need antidepressants any longer to numb the pain – I needed to get healthy and focus on the journey that would get me there. I made a decision to never diet again. The anxiety my weight had caused me had taken the focus away from my health. By changing my perspective to eating for health and overall well being, I have created a better balance in my life.

I came to the Whole30 after a year of Paleo, thinking I was already fairly clean so it should be easy. The Whole9 Foundations of Nutrition workshop really opened my mind. It’s good, solid, sensible nutrition – not at all about performance or aesthetics (which will naturally come with it) but being the best you you can be.  My fiance Herm and I decided to dive into the Whole30 with our Delta 5 clients. We read as much as possible, shared ideas and strategies and prepped for the undertaking two full weeks before starting. Each fully understood that this venture would tell them exactly how their body would function when fueled properly and afterward show them what foods had ailed them all along. We all made it through the 30 days with flying colors, energized, pounds lighter, and with a new perspective on eating.

I feel better than ever at 43 – and there is no stopping me! I’m excited to share my experience with others and continue to learn and evolve. I no longer live to eat – I eat wonderful, nutritious foods to live better! I share my many adventures on a blog I write with my good friends at

Patty Ruiz

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