Whole30® Success Story: Kari H. Finds a New Normal

When Kari H. of Waunakee, WI shared her story, the thing that stood out to us was the clear and dramatic change in her perspective on her own life.  In 30 hard-but-incredibly-worth-it days, Kari moved from accepting pain and sickness as a part of who she was and how she lived to pursuing health and happiness as her goal. In Kari's Own Words “I went from completing a sprint triathlon in August 2011 to barely able to tie my own shoes within twelve months. I had iron infusions every three months … [Read more...]

Whole30® Success Story: We (Heart) Gerry C.

Earlier this week, Gerry C. from San Jose, CA wrote us a quick note about her Whole30 experience… and the entire Whole9 team promptly fell in love. For those of you who think, “It’s too late for that” or “I’m too old to make any changes” or “Will this really make a difference at this point?”, this article is for you. Rock on, Gerry! In Gerry’s Own Words I am an almost 71 year old granny who has been diabetic for more than 24 years, taking pills and insulin for more than five years. I’ve had … [Read more...]

Whole30® Success Story: Stefanie M.

A few months ago, we got this note from Whole9 Nutrition Partner Stefanie M., owner of CrossFit DNA. Her email inspired us. We had to share her Whole30 story with our readers, and Stefanie graciously agreed. Read, be inspired too, and pass it on. In Stefanie's Own Words My name is Stefanie, and my husband and I own CrossFit DNA in Dyer, IN. Our facility has been open for two years.  There is no doubt that CrossFit has changed my life, but only because I first discovered the Whole30® … [Read more...]

Whole30® Success Story: Brian M. and CrossFit Eminence

In May 2012, Whole9 held a Foundations of Nutrition seminar at CrossFit Eminence in Thornton, CO. The seminar resonated so deeply with gym owner, Lindsey Marcelli, that she shared her Good Food knowledge with her members. Brian M. is one of those members, and he credits his Eminence coaches and the Whole30® program with helping him take his health and fitness to the next level. Stories like his are the reason we are determined to continue to spread the Good Food word. In Brian's Own … [Read more...]

Whole30® Success Story: Lisa’s Whole100

Lisa Rehm recently posted her "WHOLE 100 - DONE!" success story in our Whole30 forum, and has graciously allowed us to share her experience here. Lisa started her first Whole30 on July 1st, attended our Whole9 nutrition seminar in Hoboken, NJ on September 9th, and completed her 100th day of our Whole30® program on October 8th. Her story only serves to illustrate one point we were trying to make in our recent article, Six Reasons the Whole30 Didn't Work For You... maybe, just maybe, you … [Read more...]

I Lost 185 Pounds on the Whole30… and I Miss Him

Today's post is a guest editorial from AJM, a Whole9 reader in New Jersey. She originally shared her story via email to Melissa, but graciously agreed to share her story with our readers. We think that many of us who come to this site to change their lives can relate, and we thank AJM for her generosity and honesty. In AJM's Own Words The other day I started to try to write a sort of testimonial about Whole9 and the Whole30®. It turned into a sort of overly-analyzed, overly-nuanced account … [Read more...]

Winning the Race Against JRA: A Guest Post by Summer Wesson

We are thrilled to feature this story for two reasons. First, Summer is the first real-life example we've encountered of someone who has cured their autoimmune disease. That's right - cured her autoimmune disease. Second, she did it with the help of a Paleo diet, our Whole30® program, and the tremendous coaching and guidance of Eric LeClair of Team CrossFit Academy, an esteemed Whole9 Nutrition Partner. Read. Be inspired. And share the hopeful message of Summer's story. Summer's Story I was … [Read more...]

Whole30 Success Story: Andrea vs. That Shoulder Thing

Today's Whole30 Success Story comes from Andrea Cochran, of Simi Valley, CA. Andrea suffered from something common to so many high-intensity exercisers... "that shoulder thing". You know what we're talking about - that shoulder pain that comes on gradually (or not so gradually), and just won't go away no matter how long you rest, ice, recover and mobilize. We know that systemic inflammation plays a huge role in recovering from exercise and recovering from injury, but Andrea realized … [Read more...]

Whole30 Success Story: Beth Tracy

We had the pleasure of meeting today's Whole30 Success Story Beth Tracy twice - once at our Foundations of Nutrition workshop in her home state of Texas, and again in June when she flew to Las Vegas with her daughter to attend another workshop. After speaking with Beth, we asked her to share her story with us, and our readers. Here is Beth's success story, in her own words. Beth's Story I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop in Las Vegas and how much … [Read more...]

Whole30 Success Story: Alan C.

Today’s Whole30 success story features Alan C. (40), of Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands.  They say a picture is worth 1,000 words – or, in Alan’s case, 15 pounds lost in just 30 days (and a whole person’s worth of weight lost in his three year journey).  We’re not going to smuck up his amazing success with a long intro… read what Alan has to say, in his own words. Alan’s Story "Just wanted to give some feedback on the completion of my first Whole30, but first, … [Read more...]