The Real Food Champion

A Whole9 South Pacific feature.  Performance does not equal health. Many of you will be well familiar with this adage, or (if you've attended one of our seminars) the health versus performance curve. This curve shows two paths (performance and health), rising gradually together and very closely following each other for a good amount of time—until at some point, the paths diverge. Performance continues to increase, while health decrease. In simple words, as you strive for peak performance in … [Read more...]

Whole9 Features: CrossFit Ramstein

photo credit: From CrossFit Ramstein, Buck at the South European Sectionals In February, we received a note from Captain Lauren Guibert, trainer and athlete at CrossFit Ramstein in Germany.  Lauren wrote to tell us about Ramstein's successful implementation of our Whole30 program, which developed into a 45 day affiliate-wide nutritional challenge called the "RAM45".  Lauren wrote, "At the end of last year, fellow trainer and bad-ass Crossfit chick Vanessa and I threw around the idea of … [Read more...]