The Real Food Champion

A Whole9 South Pacific feature.  Performance does not equal health. Many of you will be well familiar with this adage, or (if you've attended one of our seminars) the health versus performance curve. This curve shows two paths (performance and health), rising gradually together and very closely following each other for a good amount of time—until at some point, the paths diverge. Performance continues to increase, while health decrease. In simple words, as you strive for peak performance in … [Read more...]

Whole30® Success Story: Allison S.

Allison contacted us via email about her Whole30® experience. It's a fantastic story--the kind that some of you will use as your own jumping-off point to make change. A 92-year-old man inspired her, and she will inspire you, and who knows who YOU will inspire? This is how change happens, friends. One fabulous person at a time. Today's person is Allison. Here she is, in all her glory, in her own words... Seize The Day As you can see, something needed to change. By September 2012 I had … [Read more...]

Whole30 Success Story: Janet W. and Chronic Urticaria (Hives)

We've heard more than a few Whole30 succes stories that stop us in our tracks: Jessica O,Summer W, Brian M. But today, Janet's photos are what stopped us cold—you have to see them to really understand the horror she was going through while suffering from this condition for more than seven long years.  We are blessed to have played a role in her recovery, and so grateful that she agreed to share her story with us. Read, be inspired, and share our Good Food word with those who need it. Janet's … [Read more...]

Jane C.’s Whole30® Success Story

We received this wonderful testimonial from Jane C. and couldn't keep it to ourselves. Not only because the girl is so eloquent and funny, or because she has mad style, but because we're sure that, if you're a member of Generation Next (18-25 year olds), her story could be your story. Too many young people today are dealing with chronic fatigue, obesity, and related diseases - problems only made worse by easy access to conflicting and confusing nutrition information. But Jane C. shows us that … [Read more...]

Ken K.’s Whole30® Success Story

We love Whole30® success stories, don't you? And we especially love this short but sweet story from Ken K. who navigated his way through the program thanks to his Italian wife's great cooking, his love of cycling, and despite his longing for just one glass of wine (he held off until dinner of day 31). Go Ken! In Ken K.'s Own Words... In December 2012 I was not a happy camper.  Back from business trip to Malaysia, I found myself weighing 221 lbs at 5’11”, bloated, low energy. Sleepy in the … [Read more...]

Has it been a year already….?

My, my how time does fly! Exactly one year ago today our book, It Starts With Food, was released into the world, and we haven't looked back since. We are so grateful to all of you who have purchased ISWF, as well as those who have left reviews on sites like or who've done reviews on your own blog. Every day we are humbled and blessed to hear your life-changing stories and experiences. Thank you so much for taking this journey with us and for continuing to spread the Good Food … [Read more...]

Cheryl’s Whole30® Success Story

Note: We received the following success story from our Whole9 Seminar Team members Nick Kirkes and Rachel Miller who own Inner Strength Indy. Nick and Rachel have been using the Whole30® program to lead their gym members toward a healthier overall lifestyle – case-in-point, Cheryl, who is the mother of one the gym’s long time members (and up and coming coach) Emily Felton. Cheryl’s Story In Her Own Words My name is Cheryl and I am a 56-year-old preschool teacher.  As you can imagine, working … [Read more...]

Whole30® Success Story: Emily M.

Emily submitted her story to us through email, and we were so moved by her results that we just had to share it with the community. She has graciously allowed us to do just that. So without further ado... My Whole30® Discovery Since I was 2 years old, I have suffered from chronic asthma.  This meant hospital admissions, terrifying attacks, slavery to inhalers, antibiotics and steroids. Running a block would result in panicked gasping, red face, burning lungs and a feeling of defeat. Not being … [Read more...]

Whole30® Success Story: Dylan R.

Recently we received an email from Whole9 Nutrition Partner Chris Roche of Circle City Strength and Conditioning in Brownsburg, IN about his oldest son, Dylan's, experience with the Whole30. Dylan, who struggled with depression and weight gain, has completely turned his life around in the past year, thanks to his Dad's smart advice and the Whole30 program. Dylan, is now 22 and in college, has lost almost 90 pounds, is in the best shape of his life, has a clear head, and is loving life.  He … [Read more...]

Whole30® Success Story: Pregnancy and April V.

When we first read of April V.'s Whole30 results, we took special interest. Turns out April started her Whole30 while eight (8!) months pregnant - and had the most amazing experience. We knew we had to turn this into a feature, to encourage other pregnant moms (and their partners, boyfriends, and husbands!) to consider our healthy eating plan for their mental and physical health, and the baby's health, too. Of course, you should always check with your doctor before beginning any dietary or … [Read more...]