At-home fermentation (no science degree required)

Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha are trendy right now, but unlike the oh-so-popular cronut, they're trendy for their extensive health-promoting properties. You've probably heard of probiotics—they are healthy bacteria that help our digestive tracts and keep us healthy. But what you may not know is that fermented foods sitting on a grocery store shelf may not contain many (if any) of those good little critters. Want to be sure your fermented foods are fresh, delicious, and … [Read more...]

Ten Things With Melissa Joulwan, Author of Well Fed 2

When you get your hands on your very own copy of Well Fed 2, some things will be immediately obvious: It’s gorgeous. Seriously. The book is packed with vibrant, mouthwatering, full-color photos by Dave Humphreys, Mel’s partner in life, food and all things Smudge. It’s packed with 110 original recipes, most of which also include Mel’s signature, “You know how you could do that?” variations. Add to that 45 no-recipe-necessary quick meal ideas, autoimmune protocol variations, and “Tastes … [Read more...]

We Heart Paleo Lunches & Breakfasts on the Go

Do you know how many "please review my cookbook" requests we get each year? Seven hundred and forty two (estimated). But as you may have noticed, we don't take book reviews lightly around here. Especially cookbook reviews. We made a decision a long time ago only to promote foods, books, and recipes that fall in line with our Whole30® program, so that when you came to our blog, you knew everything you saw here was appropriate for your Whole30 program (and beyond). When it comes to cookbooks, that … [Read more...]

Introducing the Paleo Autoimmune Cookbook

Those with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, celiac disease, and rheumatoid arthritis are finding freedom from their symptoms via an autoimmune Paleo diet protocol (AIP). As outlined in Chapter 21 of It Starts WIth Food, an AIP is even more restrictive than a traditional Whole30®, and can be intimidating for even experienced Paleo followers. What's for breakfast if you can't have eggs? How can you enjoy Mexican food without nightshades? We recently added a … [Read more...]

A Whole30® Fourth of July

U.S. Independence Day is just around the corner, but your independence - from bland potato salad, gut-bomb-brownies, and greasy chips and dips - starts NOW. We're kicking off another official Whole30® (sponsored by It Starts With Food) on August 1st, but it's never too early to start incorporating Good Food dishes into your party recipe repertoire. Backyard barbeques and summertime pot-lucks are super easy to swing Whole30-style - and we're about to show you how delicious Whole3o-friendly … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Mushroom Soup With Primalfat Coconut Ghee

If you've been following us for any amount of time then it's likely that you're already familiar with the awesomeness that is Pure Indian Foods ghee – a Whole30® Approved, lusciously delicious cooking (and just plain eating) fat. Recently, owner Sandeep Agarwal launched a new product called PRIMALFAT™ Coconut Ghee. Wait, did you just do a double-take? Yah, that's right, we said Coconut. Ghee. As in half organic virgin coconut oil and half organic grass-fed ghee. Blending coconut oil, which … [Read more...]

A Healthy Whole9 Thanksgiving

In preparation for U.S. Thanksgiving, we've updated our fabulous Whole30-approved Thanksgiving-inspired submissions with some brand new entries. A little background about these dishes, however. First, we aren't necessarily encouraging anyone to do a Whole30® during the holidays. However, all of these dishes are Whole30 compliant, because (a) everything in our Steal This Meal series meets those standards, (b) this is a good opportunity to show your family and friends that your dietary choices … [Read more...]

Paleo Power Lunch

Lunch. The oft under-appreciated mid-day meal. We use it to seal business deals, catch up with friends, or make unenthusiastic use of last night’s leftovers. For those of us with a Good Food focus, though, lunchtime can be a big old bummer. All too often we fall into the trap of under-preparation, assuming we’ll be able to find something acceptable in the cafeteria, restaurant, or supermarket deli counter. Then, when we come up empty – or worse, make an off-road choice that proves to be less … [Read more...]

Steal These Meals: Summer Soups

In It Starts With Food, we refer to soup as “love eaten with a spoon.” But while cold summer soups still elicit wonderful feelings of well-being, they might be better described as “a cool breeze for your insides.” It’s nearly August, and the hottest days of summer are upon us. This time of year is also “ripe” with the largest variety of fresh, nutritious fruits and veggies you'll see all year. So why not take a trip to your local farmers market, grab a colorful assortment of homegrown … [Read more...]

Welcome Premade Paleo to the Whole9 Family

We're kicking off an official It Starts With Food-sponsored Whole30® on August 1st, but you might be uncertain about joining in with the thousands of others who will be taking this journey. Today’s post may just change your mind. If you’re one of those people who aren’t yet comfortable in the kitchen, taking on a Whole30 might feel a little intimidating. And truth be told, if you don’t cook yet, you’re going to get a little bored eating salads, scrambled eggs, and chicken sausage day in and … [Read more...]