Babies Gone Wild: Real Food Edition

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By Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, whose 16-month-old eats more than your mom. One of the most common questions we’re asked (usually by parents, but sometimes by overachievers hoping to become pregnant) is, “How do you feed your kid?” Now, one of the things we’ve come to realize over the last year-plus is never ever ever give parenting advice unless it comes from your own personal experience. And even then, you should probably not give parenting advice. So, a few things. One, we didn’t want to … [Read more...]

Good Food Kids: A Parent’s Plan for Dealing with Other People’s Food (Part Two)

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By Robin Strathdee, who just told the school nurse that rice cereal every day for breakfast is not an acceptable choice for a kindergartner. Last time we chatted, we brainstormed a few strategies for dealing with what your kids eat when they’re away from home. But a strategy is no good if it doesn’t apply in real life, right? So today, let’s talk about some situations you’re likely to encounter, and how to apply your plan in real life. The list of folks who are likely to be feeding our … [Read more...]

Good Food Kids: A Parent’s Plan for Dealing With Other People’s Food (Part One)

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By Robin Strathdee, who likes to keep it firmly between the lines...most of the time. It’s bound to happen. Sooner or later, your kids will come face to face with OPF: Other People’s Food. As parents, we do everything we can to keep our kids safe and healthy. We cover them in sunscreen, we make them wear their seat belts, and we teach them how to cross the street safely. When we make the change to a Good Food lifestyle, that desire naturally extends to the food they eat. So now we also make … [Read more...]

The Whole9 Baby Guide

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Now that we've been able to road-test some of the resources we've been collecting these last nine months, we thought we'd share some of the books, websites, and products we relied on for parenting advice and support. Many of our friends relied on these as well (with great success), which is why we're confident enough to pass them along to you. But understand that the best piece of parenting advice we ever got was this: don't take parenting advice. Trust your instincts, get to know your child, … [Read more...]

Finding A Healthy Food Balance For Your Kids

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We're very fortunate to be sharing this wonderful guest post from Dylan Emrys with you today. Finding a healthy Real Food balance for your children in a SAD Food world can be a difficult and emotional journey. But, as Dylan says, you're already one step ahead by being here.    "I Was Determined To Feed Her 'Right'" When my daughter was two she’d go visit our neighbors who always gave her pretzels. We lived in a close community and she would head out the door while I watched, then she’d cross … [Read more...]

Whole Food. Whole Family. Whole9 Life.

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We were overjoyed to read this wonderful quote recently on the blog Once A Month Mom. Frankly, as much as we believe in the physical benefits of eating whole, nutritious foods, we’d like to think that the Whole30® is about more than the healthy and tasty things you put into your belly. It is evident from conversations we've had, stories we've read, and emails we've received that the Whole30 program can be a bridge, a catalyst, a conversation starter, a door, or an olive branch when it comes to … [Read more...]

Raising Good Food Kids: The Whole9 FAQ

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So far in our Good Food Kids series, we've given you three strategies for changing the food on your family's plates, and we've told you what you can expect from your kids during that transition. Today, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty.  Whole9's own Robin Strathdee asked (and then answered) some of the most frequently asked questions about nurturing Good Food Kids. Note: all photos are from our friend Michele Tam at Her site is a treasure trove of family-friendly … [Read more...]

It’s Just A Phase: A Guide To Your Kid’s Good Food Transition

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by Robin Strathdee, who much prefers Jeopardy to Let's Make a Deal. When last we chatted about your kiddos, we talked about three different strategies for implementing a Good Food policy in your kitchen.  Today, we’re gonna talk a little bit about what to expect once you begin to make those changes.  While they can’t always articulate how they feel, our kids go through the same anxieties and discomforts as we adults do when we change the food on our family’s plates.  The timing and outcome of … [Read more...]

Whole9: Let Us Change Your Kids

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by Robin Strathdee, whose kids have been known to gnaw on cold turkey legs for a snack. One of the biggest dilemmas faced by our successful Whole30® participants is how to take the incredible lessons they’ve learned and apply them to the rest of their family – specifically their kids. If you’ve read our Kiddo Manifesto, you know that we believe that kids should eat the same foods that we adults eat (y’know, those foods that make you healthier) and avoid the same foods we tell adults to … [Read more...]

Five Ways Science Can Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

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Eat your vegetables. It’s a mantra often repeated in our community – eat your greens, fill your plate with vegetables, nutrient density for the win. But it’s hard to get grown-ups to eat their veggies. In fact, we devoted an entire page in It Starts With Food to talk about why you don’t like vegetables, and three easy things you can do to truly begin to enjoy them. But if you think grown-ups are tough to convince… try a five-year-old. Today’s article features five ways to get kiddos to … [Read more...]