Meet The Whole9 Team

Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig founded Whole9 in 2009. Since then, the Whole9 community has grown by leaps and bounds. Together, the Whole9 and Whole30 websites currently serve nearly 1 million visitors a month, with readers checking in from more than 100 different countries.

Whole9 has since expanded to bring on Jamie Scott and Dr. Anastasia Boulais, who founded Whole9 South Pacific in 2012. Our team is also supplemented by four Whole9 Seminar Teams traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada, a growing roster of Whole30 Envoys, and our expert Whole30 Forum Moderators.

Dallas Hartwig, MS, PT


Dallas grew up in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. His interest in making the world a better place converged with his interest in science in college, when he received a BS in Anatomy & Physiology from Andrews University in 2000, and an MS in Physical Therapy in 2001. He became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist in 2003, and has since accumulated many health and exercise-related certifications, and is on the Advisory Board for Paleo f(x) and the Athletic Advisory Board for Fitwall. Dallas is also on the Board of Editors and Reviewers for the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

He co-owned a strength and conditioning facility until co-founding Whole9 in 2009.  The team has since turned Whole9 into one of the world’s premier Paleo-focused communities, and their site and original Whole30® program has grown to serve a million visitors a month.

In 2012, he co-authored the New York Times bestselling book It Starts With Food and founded his functional medicine practice.  In his free time, Dallas rides his motorcycles, snowboards and mountain bikes, and travels both for personal enrichment and for Whole9 health & lifestyle seminars.

Melissa Hartwig, CISSN


Melissa Hartwig was born in Nashua, NH, and was a typical East Coast girl (active, Type-A, and never talked to strangers) until moving to Salt Lake City, UT in 2010. She quit the highest paying corporate job she’ll ever have in April of that year to found Whole9, a community focused on health, fitness, balance and sanity. Since then, the Whole9 (and their original Whole30® program) have grown to serve nearly a million visitors a month, and Melissa once again has health insurance.

She is the New York Times bestselling author of It Starts With Food, and a Certified Sports Nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition. She is an Ambassador for Lolë, a lifestyle brand that encourages women to Live Out Loud Everyday by getting active and getting involved in their communities, and is on the advisory board for Paleo Magazine. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Details, Woman’s World, and Redbook, and travels the world speaking about the Whole30 and changing our emotional relationships with food.

Robin Strathdee


Robin, our Director of Communications, has a B.S. in Print Journalism from Missouri State University. She has used her education and training everywhere from corporate conference rooms to her own kitchen table, where she takes on the role of Nutrition Specialist for her husband, two Good Food kids, and her very large dog. She also works behind the scenes as part of the C******* Springfield nutrition team, helping fellow athletes achieve their training goals through smart nutrition.

From Robin: “I’ve got a penchant for telling tales – not Paul Bunyan tales or Boy Who Cried Wolf Tales, but the tales of everyday life. One of my favorite stories to tell is about how a change in nutrition revolutionized the lives of everyone in my family. Everyone deserves to know how real, whole food can make a difference in their life wherever they are. I’m excited to be able to use my skills to spread the ‘Good Food Word’ as part of the Whole9 team.”

Kristen Crandall, BA

kristen bio pics

Kristen, our Functional Medicine Admin, has a B.A. in American History and Art from Southern Utah University. Over the past few years, she has used her education and experience as a Researcher for an American History Civil War book, an Art Curator for a fine art gallery, and her most important role as mother of two kids. She also plays competitive volleyball, something that helped pay her way through her early college years at Dixie State University. As well as volleyball, Kristen enjoys participating with her husband as a “casual Cross-Fitter”.

From Kristen: “I’ve seen how nutrition and exercise can improve peoples lives. It all starts with an individual and a choice. I believe that one choice to choose healthy food can change lives. I believe Whole9 is helping people make that personal change and better choices possible. I am grateful and excited to be part of the Whole9 team.