Our official response to the Robb Wolf situation

It's no secret that Dallas and I are Robb Wolf students and followers, and I've been asked many times to personally comment on the Robb Wolf de-affiliation. There's no reason to add fuel to the fire over here, which is why I've voiced my personal opinions in private. I will say, however, that it's a shame for all of us that the CrossFit community has lost two of its most valuable, educated and accomplished coaches. It's also a shame that we, as a group, have spent so much time following the … [Read more...]

The Maureen Martone Rule

A few times here on the blog, I’ve referenced “The Maureen Martone Rule.” (As in, “I haven’t dropped the f-bomb here since the inception of the Maureen Martone Rule”.) This story’s background proved to be one of the most important and defining moments in my life as a professional fitness coach, and one I’m happy to share here with you.Some of you who have been reading the blog since the beginning (July 2008) may know a bit of the back-story. I had switched over to blog format from the … [Read more...]

Operation Iron Cross update

After a very stressful and uncertain week, I am really sad to report that our trip has been called off. The entire scenario was out of our hands, and the way things played out couldn't be helped. Here's the background.Our flight out was dependent entirely on the Air Force, and ensuring we could secure a plane to get all seven of us and our cargo to Bagram. That having been said, as we were told several times... it ain't like flying commercial. Planes come when they come, and they're used for … [Read more...]

Operation Iron Cross update… and some affiliate tramping

We have been super busy with the final details of this trip - here is an update on where we stand.All donations of supplies and equipment are packaged up and ready to go! We're sending them over to Fort Bragg to have them prepared for transport. Tucker and crew has built some special containers to leave with the troops - they're called "TIBs" (The Iron Box). They're 6' x 2' x 2', and built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, keeping the equipment inside dry and sand-free. They … [Read more...]

Rage Fitness, and some disjointed ramblings

I'm happy to announce that Paleokits are on their way to Fort Bragg - all 500 of them. We'll be able to pack them up and bring them over with us next week, thanks to the generous contributions from of all of YOU!My company (the insurance shop who gets me from 9 - 5 Monday through Friday) is also sponsoring my efforts, covering my vacation time and making a donation to Operation Phoenix and Steve's Club. I'm happy to be able to give a little something back to both of these groups, whose support … [Read more...]

Operation Phoenix and Again Faster

First, an update on the Whole30 Sponsor a Soldier program. We've raised almost $2,000 to date - an amazing accomplishment, considering the program has only been active for a few days! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. I'd especially like to recognize Becky Strahan, CrossFitter, yoga instructor and owner of The MAT Yoga Studio in Richardson, TX. Becky and her husband Bill have been a huge supporter of this initiative, and I can't thank them enough for their encouragement, and … [Read more...]

Operation Iron Cross

I have pretty much the most exciting news in the history of Urban Gets Diesel.At the invitation of the United States Army, CrossFit is sending a small group of trainers to Afghanistan, to run the men and women from the 7th Special Forces Group through a series of CrossFit Gymnastics Certifications. We'll be flying out of Pope Air Force Base (in NC) on a C-17, with an estimated departure date of December 3rd. Three days later, we'll arrive at Bagram Air Base, and Vance Camp. We'll spend … [Read more...]

The new math

Note: Today's Whole30 check-in is also a CrossFit 603 update. It's all related, so use today's comments to check in with your 30 day adventure, provide feedback or suggestions for the program or weigh in on the changes going down over at the 603.Now that we've got our ducks (goats?) more in order, here's a preview of what's going on over at CrossFit 603. First, and most importantly, we're changing our affiliate name to CrossFit Whole9.I know, right? Kind of a big deal, and a little scary for … [Read more...]

That covert yogurt: When food gets sneaky

Today’s Whole30 check-in topic comes from a reader’s post. Heather wrote: “I am currently in the testing part of Whole30 (completed 30 days, and am now reinserting certain foods back in to see how they affect me). One thing I gave up during the Whole30 was my morning organic, sugar-free yogurt with salt-free almonds and sugar free granola. I am now eating Paleo except for this breakfast so I can test the way I feel and my performance during WODs. I had my first one yesterday and another … [Read more...]

Back to gymnastics… come play at CrossFit LIC!

Feedback on the Whole30 rocks, and I LOVE how you've all adopted the title so quickly. Thanks for jumping on the bus with that one - I'm glad it caught on. We've been hard at work on the web site redesign, and we've got some local nutrition stuff in the works, so stay tuned for more developments.This weekend, however, I'll be doing nothing but PLAYING. I'm heading to CrossFit USA in Berlin, CT, to help at Tucker's sold-out gymnastics cert. This is my fourth cert with Tucker, and they just … [Read more...]