Be the 17th listener

We're still on vacation on the Left Coast, but took a break from our nutrition workshop and training with Coach B to jump online to make a fun and exciting announcement!  The familiar refrain of "Robb Wolf, Andy Deas" will soon include a special addition... "And Whole9".  Yes, Dallas and I will be making a guest appearance on Robb Wolf's Paleolithic Solutions Podcast in early May. We're slated to record on Wednesday, April 28th, with the show's publication date to be announced shortly. For … [Read more...]

Whole9 Features: CrossFit Ramstein

photo credit: From CrossFit Ramstein, Buck at the South European Sectionals In February, we received a note from Captain Lauren Guibert, trainer and athlete at CrossFit Ramstein in Germany.  Lauren wrote to tell us about Ramstein's successful implementation of our Whole30 program, which developed into a 45 day affiliate-wide nutritional challenge called the "RAM45".  Lauren wrote, "At the end of last year, fellow trainer and bad-ass Crossfit chick Vanessa and I threw around the idea of … [Read more...]

Funemployment! A Whole9 update.

Thanks for your patience - we realize posts have been strung out a bit over the last few weeks. Here's a quick update on where we are and what we're doing. First, and most importantly, Dallas and I are both full-time Whole9 as of this week. Wrapping up our former nine-to-five gigs took up most of our time and energy last week, but we're now free and clear and focused on Whole9 business... as soon as we get back from vacation, that is. We'll be in San Diego this week and next, for both … [Read more...]

Collaboration, cooperation and courtesy

A polite request from Melissa and Dallas We hope our Whole9 readers know how much we enjoy sharing good stuff with the community.  (We like it so much, in fact, that we've recently made it our full-time jobs!)  In the last few years, we've offered up everything from custom workouts to nutrition advice to injury rehabilitation tips, freely distributing all of this information to anyone and everyone interested in learning, sharing and participating in our little community.  And we love nothing … [Read more...]

Site maintenance

Bear with us for another day or two as we complete some behind-the-scenes site maintenance. The blog looks a little funny, and the fish oil calculator is still in the process of being converted (or whatever our web guru does with stuff like that), but we'll be back up and running ASAP. … [Read more...]

Whole9 hits the East Coast

After much behind-the-scenes work, Whole9 is happy to announce two new East Coast nutrition workshops in April! 1.  CrossFit Stamford, Stamford CT, Saturday, April 3rd We received a note from Kristie Bickler, owner of CrossFit Stamford, a few weeks back.  (If you recall, we first visited the Stamford crew back in January, after which the workshop attendees completed the full Whole30 program.)  Kristie wrote, "Our group has seen such great results since beginning your program.  There are a lot … [Read more...]

Explore Your Neighborhood: The Frontier

A random but fun post about Dallas' favorite lunch spot. Photo credits:  Dallas' iPhone.  True story.  Gorgeous, no? We're on the road a lot, and while we still "make" about half our meals  while traveling (either packing a cooler or picking up food at the local Whole-Foods style market), we do dine out quite a bit.  Unfortunately, most restaurants offer a serious set of challenges in our quest to Eat Good Food. First, eating out often means you are forced to sacrifice on food quality.  I doubt … [Read more...]

The Robb Wolf Fish Oil Calculator

When preparing a nutritional plan for our clients, we always include a recommendation for the proper dose of fish oil. We discuss the benefits of supplementing with Omega-3 fatty acids in all of our workshops, Robb Wolf talks about fish oil in every one of his podcasts and seminars and even the CrossFit Journal got in on the action a few months back, offering a free video download of Dr. Barry Sears expounding on the miracle of fish oil. The general consensus among the community is that fish … [Read more...]

8 weeks. 10,000 miles. Whole9.

We have amazing, fantastic, big-time news - some frexciting* changes are taking place here at Whole9.  What's the word? After months of planning, Dallas and I have both decided to leave our 9-5 day jobs, so we can take the Whole9 full time. We've been gearing up for this huge life change, laying out the practical details of our upcoming job-less-ness (scary!) and making plans to grow and develop the Whole9 (fun!). We finally pulled the trigger and gave our notice, and as of April 1st, we're … [Read more...]

Man Training

Dallas is home in BC until the 19th, leaving Melissa in charge of the blog.  Exciting! Our last couple of posts have been kind of, well, heavy.   First we unceremoniously took away your “heart-healthy” Quaker oats, then we went public with our break-up with CrossFit.  (Technically, I suppose we were dumped, but no girl wants to admit THAT to her friends.)  Since it's been such a tough week, I decided to put a stop to all this seriousness and get back to my roots - an Urban-Gets-Diesel style … [Read more...]