This post is a call to arms for those of you who have already completed the full Whole30. We want you to testify here and now to the changes, effects and improvements you have personally experienced because of this program.  We want specifics - weight lost, sleep quality regained, energy levels restored, and most importantly... health conditions improved.  Share your experience for all the new Whole30 participants to read.  Testify, make yourself heard, and provide that extra motivation for … [Read more...]

Train like a Pirate

We spent our Wednesday in workshop mode at CF Affliction in Davie, FL.   We had a fun group, most of whom were already pretty savvy to the nutritional concepts we were laying down.  (Including Captain Tom, who nodded and smiled through the entire presentation on artificial sweeteners and Stevia.)  Thanks to the lunchtime crowd for asking some good questions and sending us back some good feedback! After taking the day off from training to hit our workshop on Wednesday, we were more … [Read more...]

Keys style! An oceanside met-con

We woke up in the Keys to winds blowing too hard to go fishing, so we decided to hit a quick and dirty met-con down by the water.  While those “kitchen sink” WODs can be fun to program, including 17 different movements and complicated rep schemes isn’t necessary for an effective, high intensity workout.   We chose a prison-style ring row, push-up and sprint today, using the canal as our “racetrack” and setting up rings on one side and push-ups on the other.  We also included one small … [Read more...]

Whole9 US Tour: The Mid-Atlantic, plus Atlanta

Our first week on the road is over!  We’ve been about 2,200 miles already (from Exeter, NH to Captain Tom's place in Cudjoe Key, FL… with a bunch of stops in between).  Internet time has been sparse – we’ve had to drive pretty long distances each day, and conducted three workshops in three different states in a four day period.  But now we’re settled in the Keys, and ready for a few solid days of vacation… interspersed with a Fort Lauderdale workshop on Wednesday, and blog updates and comments … [Read more...]

Whole9 US Tour: Montclair, NJ

We started our road trip on Sunday afternoon, driving down to NJ for the night, and then hitting Guerrilla Fitness in Montclair, NJ for a few hours of training on Monday morning.  Keeping our training schedule on track is one of our highest priorities during the trip, so we’re traveling with the basics for a roadside met-con:  two kettlebells (a 16K and 24K), two jump ropes, a set of rings and a set of parallettes.  But while we can do tons of bodyweight and lightweight movements when between … [Read more...]

The Paleo Pitch

We are officially on the road!  More about the first few days of our road trip later this week, because today we’re following up on a question we answered on our Paleolithic Solutions Podcast with Robb Wolf and Andy Deas.  (As an aside, we discovered that recording an hour long Podcast is way harder than it sounds.  We fumbled and stumbled a bit, and still find ourselves saying, “Oh, man, I wish I had said that on the Podcast…” but all in all, we had a great time, managed to get most of our key … [Read more...]

Jump and GO! (Our visit with Coach B)

While in San Diego two weeks ago, Dallas and I were lucky enough to visit "Coach B" (Mike Burgener, the famous Olympic lifting coach) at his home in southern California. We headed up in the afternoon to get a tour of his place, work with him on some Olympic lifting and then go eat some giant steaks. Dallas worked with Coach B on his split jerk, focusing on getting his front leg forward (and splitting more evenly), while I took advantage of the situation by working on my snatch. I've … [Read more...]

Post-Workshop Consultations

We just finished an awesome series of workshops in NY - the first with a BIG group at Albany CrossFit, the second a combined venture with CrossFit Virtuosity and NYC Endurance.  It was a weekend full of  active dialogue, smart questions, and sensational personal testimonials.  Both Albany CF and Virtuosity are undertaking a Spring nutritional challenge, based on Whole30 principles, so we'll be checking in on them regularly to see how things are going.   We had a great time at both events, and … [Read more...]

Unplug, then plug it back in

Today's health and fitness-related post was inspired by a real-world example of why keeping things simple should always be your first approach.  Our friend Kristyn had registered to join us for our first Virtual Nutrition Workshop.  An hour before the event, she realized that her wireless connection at home wasn't working.  She called the support hotline, who proceeded to run her through a whole host of complicated diagnostic tests, queries and fixes - none of which worked.  Finally, the … [Read more...]

Repost: The Carrot Train to Crazytown

Whole9 is still on vacation, so we're re-posting an Urban Gets Diesel article from June 2009 I was having a conversation with my friend Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan via email last week. We were talking about post workout food, and she asked for some sample meals. I suggested a few things - salmon and sweet potato, a chicken breast and butternut squash, egg whites and - in a pinch, while on the go - a banana. She responded with the following: "A banana?! Are you f*cking kidding? I haven't … [Read more...]