The Great Cocoa Debate

Last week, Whole9 reader Chris posed what appeared to be a relatively innocuous question about our Whole30 program.  Chris wrote, “Is 100% pure cocoa okay?” This simple yes-or-no request prompted a 17 hour heated debate within the Whole9 household.  We battled, we point-and-counterpointed, we took time outs so we could cool off enough to continue the discussion.  And while this actually isn’t a big deal issue for us – certainly not one worthy of an entire blog post – Dallas hates to lose, and … [Read more...]

CrossFit Invictus

Today, Whole9 hit an Event PR, with 70 people in attendance at our Foundations Workshop at CrossFit Invictus.  (We just couldn't say no to adding "just one more".)  We rolled out almost two hours of brand new material, including our new MealSimple™ meal planning template, designed to take the guesswork out of preparing meals, snacks, pre- and post-workout nutrition.  (We'll link to some reviews of the event on our Facebook page as they become available.)  We had a fantastic time, and especially … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Eggs with Mango Gazpacho

Today's STM came from Dallas, as an attempt to squeeze more vegetables into our early AM breakfasts.  Many of you have the same issue - cramming plenty of veggies at lunch and dinner is easy, but who wants to roll out of bed to a giant, steaming bowl full of broccoli and spinach?  Fruit is far more appealing first thing in the morning, but a plate full of berries can also start your day off  on the wrong sugar-foot.  A chilled bowl of mango gazpacho is a nice compromise - sweet enough to get the … [Read more...]

Whole9 + Dutch Lowy = General Awesomeness*

*The phrase "General Awesomeness" must be credited to our friends at CrossFit Academy of Lions, in Toronto, ON. A few months ago, Dallas and I had the opportunity to do some nutrition work with Dutch Lowy – competitive athlete, CrossFit trainer and host of his own Performance Development Seminar series.  We’ve long admired Dutch’s work within the community, and were stoked to be able to offer him some support on the nutritional front.  So when we booked a series of Whole9 workshops at … [Read more...]

Supplements, Part I: The Whole9 Supplement Evaluation Checklist


This month, we’ve taken a hard line on some popular, well-marketed supplements. The unsupported claims, inflated price points and aggressive sales tactics of products ranging from recovery beverages to meal replacement drinks can make the vast nutrition marketplace more than a little confusing.  And it becomes even more challenging when those hawking the products are well-known fitness brands imploring you to put your health in their hands. Understand, the Whole9 doesn't sell any … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Crock Pot Carnitas

Today's STM submission comes from Lydia Ash, of Lawrence, KS.  Lydia is almost through her first Whole30, and shared a bit of her experience with us via email.  Lydia writes: "I'm a life-long sweet addict - carb cravings were part of my daily life. The sugar addiction, coupled with a general dislike of exercise, resulted in a battle with obesity since childhood. I began my first Whole30 on August 1st, after eating "primal" since April.  That made the transition to Whole30 a lot easier... but it … [Read more...]

Upcoming workshops

Just a quick announcement today, as we're busy preparing our Supplement Checklist,  practicing our new workshop material and getting ready for our next round of nutrition workshops. We're coming to the Phoenix, AZ area this Saturday, for our first Arizona event.  We'll be holding Foundations Workshop at Cactus CrossFit (formerly North Scottsdale CrossFit) from 9 AM - 1 PM. Registration details are on the Cactus CrossFit site, so if you're in the Phoenix area and eager for four hours of … [Read more...]

Supplements, take two

Today’s post-slash-rant was also inspired by a question from a Whole9 reader, and also involves a popular supplement company marketed heavily to CrossFitters.  Honestly, our intention wasn’t to join the Rant Parade down Supplement Street this month, but when something this good (translation: so ridiculous, it makes us think we’ve been huffing paint) comes rolling on by, we just have to jump on it. Today's post started with an email from April, an avid Whole9 reader and recent workshop … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Sandwich Makeovers

Today's STM is a little bit different, born from a burst of inspiration while looking for a quick lunch last week.  We were trolling the streets of the seacoast area of NH, and all we could find open during that time of day were sandwich shops - not exactly the first thing that comes to mind for a healthy Paleo lunch.  Hungry beyond belief (and far from our own kitchen), we stepped into one such sandwich shop to scope the menu.  At first, we were encouraged by the made-fresh-daily offerings and … [Read more...]

A House Divided

Today, we've got a fantastic guest post from Whole30 participant Christie Tracy, from Texas.  Christie recently started the Whole30 program with a few girlfriends from her gym  (CrossFit XLR8, in Portland, TX).  She's been blogging about her experience, and yesterday's write-up really caught our attention. We hear from many Whole30 participants who are going it alone at home - their spouses, significant others, roommates or other household members simply aren't on board with their dietary … [Read more...]