Steal This Meal: Salmon with Creamy Avocado Spread

Our first Steal This Meal submission comes from Alycia, gym owner and Whole30 participant.  Ashley and her husband Justin attended our nutrition workshop at CrossFit King of Prussia earlier this year, and just opened their own affiliate, CrossFit Aspire.  Alycia writes:  "We try to educate our members on nutrition, stress, sleep and other factors that could be helping or hindering their progress in the gym.  You've been a great inspiration to the way that we have chosen to speak to our clients … [Read more...]

The coolest thing you’ve never used

We got the chance to hang out at Jogo Gym in Bellingham, WA for a few days, before and after our workshop there.  Gym owner Emilie Hester was nice enough to let us train early one morning between classes, which meant we got the space to ourselves, and were able to play with all kinds of fun toys.  We jumped on their plyo boxes, hit a few reverse hypers and got to the business preparing to deadlift... until I stumbled across a strange contraption in the back corner of the gym. M:  Hey Dallas - … [Read more...]

The Suitcase Deadlift

Today's write-up is a repost tutorial of one of our favorite movements you've never tried - the suitcase deadlift. Enjoy. We receive a lot of questions about "suitcase deadlifts", including where we are traveling and why we needed to pack so much stuff. Melissa shot some quick and dirty video of a DL session, including one set of suitcase DLs. Take away the barbell, and these should look exactly like your normal deadlift. Same set-up position, same lumbar curve, same shoulder/scapular … [Read more...]

Just added: Tacoma, WA workshop

We're still in B.C., wrapping up an amazing vacation and getting ready for our return trip to our new home - Salt Lake City, UT.  Along the way, however, we've been snagged for two more evening workshops in Washington state, so we're passing along the times and dates for those of you who missed us when we came through Father's Day weekend. Tuesday, July 6th, 5 PM - 9 PM.  The Inner Circle Gym, Wenatchee, WA.  (Registration information here.) Thursday, July 8th, 5 PM - 9 PM.  CrossFit … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Sunshine Chicken and Roasted Roots

Welcome to the first edition of Whole9's newest feature - Steal This Meal.  The below is a complete meal, and all ingredients are detailed.  Most importantly, the entire menu - main course, side dish and salad - are 100% Whole30-approved. The nutty flavor of Sunshine Sauce goes perfectly with chicken and roasted carrots, while the crisp mandarin and avocado salad is a sweet, cool contrast. So hit the grocery store, farmer's market or local health food shop and Steal This Meal for an easy, … [Read more...]

Road Trip Update

We're currently on a bit of vacation in Armstrong, BC, visiting Dallas' family and doing some camping in Banff.  We only have another few weeks left in the road trip, but wanted to update our Map with some really exciting information.  It's been updated on our sidebar - give it a click to see where we managed to squeeze in one last Washington workshop, AND where we've decided to settle down once the trip is over. We'll be back on comments at the end of this week, but in the meantime, enjoy … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal

Whole9 is happy to announce a new weekly feature, designed to help those of you who want to take their Whole30 to the  next level.  Tired of eating chicken and broccoli?  Bored with all the recipes in your current rotation?  Unsure whether those “Paleo” or “Primal” recipes you see on other web sites are Whole30 friendly?  We've got you covered. Every Friday, we’ll be running a series of posts called, “Steal This Meal”.  Each meal is complete right down to the last ingredient, and each meal is … [Read more...]

Sugar = Sugar = Sugar


We got the idea for this post in the middle of our SnoRidge CrossFit workshop.  We were about an hour into the afternoon, and Dallas was talking about how (and why) sugar and artificial sweeteners make you less healthy.  That led to a discussion of all the sneaky ways big business, marketing campaigns and advertisers find to appease the sugar tantrums in all of us.  Which prompted one attendee to ask, “Do you have a comprehensive list of sugars somewhere on your site?  A way to identify the … [Read more...]

SnoRidge and Jogo CrossFit

We had two fun events (and two Paleo cookouts!) in Washington state this weekend, and wanted to say thank you to our hosts and attendees.  We visited SnoRidge CrossFit on Saturday, spending time with Tom and Michelle Nugent and crew.  It was a smart and engaged group, and Tom and Michelle really get it when it comes to their clients' nutritional needs and challenges.  (Plus their gym has the coolest mascot - the SnoRidge Sasquatch.  We like CrossFit gyms that don't take themselves SO … [Read more...]

Meet The Prowler

We spent a few days in the Salt Lake City area, checking out a few gyms and seeing the sights.  SLC is a beautiful area – sunshine, mountains (seven ski resorts within 20 minutes!), easy airport access, a solid food/culture/art scene and, most importantly, a couple of really good gyms.  Dallas and I visited one such gym, Ferocity CrossFit, one Sunday morning to pick up something heavy. We got more than we bargained for. We spent the first 30 minutes working gymnastics skill movements – … [Read more...]