Steal This Meal: Roasted Apples and Pork with Mint Pesto

Author's note:  We're featuring Steal This Meal a day early this week, to make way for some very special news tomorrow.  Stay tuned! Today's STM was a joint submission from Colleen King, her brother Kevin and sister-in-law Emma, of Baltimore, MD.  The three of them started their Whole30 on September 1st as a family, and are (in Colleen's works) "cooking, complaining and celebrating" together along the way.  Colleen wrote: "My brother Kevin, his wife and I are all on the Whole30 wagon.  So … [Read more...]

I (heart) my supraspinatus

alternate working titles: Why We Don’t Do SDHP or: The Second Dumbest CrossFit Exercise By Dallas Hartwig, MS, PT Confession: I am a terrible  CrossFitter - I have never done the sumo deadlift high pull (SDHP). Yes, really. (I've never done Fran, either, but that's a story for another day.)  My first exposure to the SDHP was more than five years ago, in a prescribed workout complete with instructional photos. The physical therapist in me immediately recoiled at Nicole Carroll's … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: The Best Chicken Fajitas You’ll Ever Eat

We're hijacking the spotlight yet again with a Dallas-created version of chicken fajitas that were so good, I ate them three days in a row.  I don't even like chicken, so when he proposed making chicken fajitas last week, I thought, meh.  And, boring.  Chicken, peppers, onions, yawn.  But trust me, people, this dish was anything but "yawn".  The seasoning and cooking methods he employed made all the difference in flavor, and the addition of a few special ingredients turned this dish into one of … [Read more...]

A Taste of Thai

I (Melissa) am bored with the gym.  Bored with deadlifts and pull-ups, back squats and presses, rowing and running.  I re-discovered the bench press and the Prowler this summer, which peaked my interest for a few weeks, but all in all, I’m bored.  Not with exercise itself, but with all of my exercise coming from gym-related CrossFit-esque training protocols. So I decided to look up a Muay Thai place in Salt Lake City.  Back in NH, I took a half-cardio, half-kickboxing class based on Muay Thai.  … [Read more...]

Finding our voice

Author’s note:  Dallas and I usually collaborate on posts, but this one is just from my (Melissa’s) personal perspective.  Dallas, however, is more than on board here – in fact, he’s been encouraging us to head in  this direction for quite some time. We finally received our advance copy of Robb Wolf’s new book, The Paleo Solution.  Dallas and I have been taking turns reading it as fast as we can, making notes for our review (coming next week).  Last night, while re-reading the section on … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Cedar Plank Salmon with a Squash Shred Medley

Today's STM is a hot commodity, as both wild caught salmon season and summer grilling season is just about over. Today's submission comes from Kim Averett, of CrossFit Cache Valley in Logan, UT. We had the pleasure of meeting Kim at our recent Salt Lake City workshop, where Kim shared a bit of her own Whole30 experience. Kim says, "I made a choice to change my relationship with food in August 2009, when a trusted friend and affiliate owner referred me to Whole9's 30 day program. I read. I … [Read more...]

Supplements, Part II: What’s in our cabinet

Right out of the gate, we want to state something clearly. This post is not about what supplements we think you should take. We don’t sell any supplements, and are hard-pressed to endorse any company’s entire product line and ingredient list. Nonetheless, we’ve had a lot of inquiries about what we personally take as a “bonus” on top of our pretty-darn-close-to-Whole30-quality diet. So, we’re going to share what supplements have made our cut once we ran them through our Supplement Evaluation … [Read more...]

Our visit to Sharp Rehabilitation Center

While in San Diego last week, Dallas and I the opportunity to speak with both patients and staff at Sharp Rehabilitation Center.  Sharp has been a leading provider of rehabilitation and physical therapy services for 45 years, addressing catastrophic injury with a team approach to wellness.  We were connected with the center through my brother-in-law, Ryan Baker.  The day after he graduated from high school, Ryan was in a motor vehicle accident, which resulted in a spinal cord injury. Ryan … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Stewed Tilapia

Today's gorgeous Steal This Meal submission comes from Tom Denham, of CrossFit North Fulton in Roswell, GA.  Tom writes, "I started the Whole 30 four months ago, and have had such good results that I’ve just kept it up. The best result is that I am sleeping soundly nearly every night.  I’m also lifting heavier weight for more reps in the gym and have dropped to 200 pounds from 213 while eating an enormous amount of food. I used to eat most meals in restaurants, but have been relearning to … [Read more...]

The Great Cocoa Debate

Last week, Whole9 reader Chris posed what appeared to be a relatively innocuous question about our Whole30 program.  Chris wrote, “Is 100% pure cocoa okay?” This simple yes-or-no request prompted a 17 hour heated debate within the Whole9 household.  We battled, we point-and-counterpointed, we took time outs so we could cool off enough to continue the discussion.  And while this actually isn’t a big deal issue for us – certainly not one worthy of an entire blog post – Dallas hates to lose, and … [Read more...]