Steal This Meal: The “Ingredients” Edition

We're taking a break from reader-submitted Steal This Meal submissions to bring you a Whole9 reminder.  While there are plenty of fancypants Paleo recipes out there, calling for carmelized this or braised that, we'd like to point out one simple fact.  Your Whole30 meals don't have to be complicated to be delicious. They don't have to be gourmet-inspired, they don't have to take hours to prepare, they don't even have to be real honest to goodness 'meals'.  Sometimes, you can skip the … [Read more...]

The Daily Grind

One of the most challenging things for most first-time Whole30 participants isn't ditching the Diet Cokes or the mid-morning bagels... it's the thought of drinking your coffee black.  No sweetener, no creamer... just the hard-core flavor of straight black coffee.  Admittedly, that was the hardest part for me (Melissa) during this last Whole30 go-around.  I had become quite used to drinking my coffee with a generous splash of heavy cream... and for a while, the So Delicious vanilla-flavored soy … [Read more...]

Thanks, Toronto!

We're wrapping up here in Toronto, spending a few extra days kicking around the city.  We jammed three workshops into our first international visit, and had a great time with each and every group.  Our basic Nutrition Workshop at CrossFit Colosseum was a blast, and set the stage for our first ever "Trainer's Workshop" later that afternoon.  We debuted our new material to a diverse group of twelve Toronto-area gym owners, coaches and aspiring trainers, and spent three full hours explaining our … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: A Wok-Tastic Stir Fry

Today's Steal This Meal comes from Whole9 reader and CrossFit North Fulton member Tom Denham. Tom learned about the Whole30 diet after members of CrossFit North Fulton (Roswell, Georgia) attended a Whole9 Nutrition Worskhop at CrossFit East Decatur on May 1st. He began his first Whole30 on May 14th, and has successfully continued the Whole30 principles ever since.  Tom says: “I’m 52 years old. I’ve been CrossFitting for the past 18 months.  (When starting the Whole30,) I was miserable for about … [Read more...]

The end of the road

As of Wednesday, July 14th, our road trip was officially over.  The final stats?  We traveled for 70 days, drove 12,300 miles and passed through 24 states (not including two provinces in Canada).  And most importantly, after spending 24 hours a day for the last 7 weeks shoulder to shoulder in a mid-sized Subaru Legacy... Dallas and I are still happily speaking to each other. You can check out our final road trip map here, to see our (general) route and all the places we stopped along the … [Read more...]

Whole9 in Toronto!

We’re heading out to Toronto this weekend, where we’ll be conducting our first international workshops at two different venues. On Saturday, July 24th, we’re conducting our Nutrition Workshop AND debuting our very first Trainer’s Workshop at CrossFit Colosseum. The Trainer’s Workshop will be an advanced topic event for those trainers, coaches and gym owners who have already attended our basic Nutrition Workshop.  Our goal is to help those in a leadership role develop their nutritional … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Cashew Hummus

cashew hummus

All of you Whole30 participants know that discovering new foods that you can actually eat while staying on plan is a fantastic experience.  We had one such experience while visiting a local health food store in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  While browsing the produce section, we discovered a hummus substitute made not from chickpeas, but from cashews. The ingredients were 100% Whole30 approved, and included a base of cashews mixed with olive oil and a ton of fresh herbs and spices.  The locally-made 6 … [Read more...]

Whole9 Comes Home(ish)

We're in the last leg of this road trip, heading back towards what will soon be our NEW home... Salt Lake City, UT.  We'll be there for a week or so, before we have to fly back East for our Toronto workshops.  (More on our first international gigs at CF Academy of Lions and CF Colosseum soon!)   After Toronto, we're scheduled to spend some time back in New England, visiting with family and friends and collecting our stuff for the long drive back to Salt Lake City. Of course, our final trip … [Read more...]

Steal This Meal: Salmon with Creamy Avocado Spread

Our first Steal This Meal submission comes from Alycia, gym owner and Whole30 participant.  Ashley and her husband Justin attended our nutrition workshop at CrossFit King of Prussia earlier this year, and just opened their own affiliate, CrossFit Aspire.  Alycia writes:  "We try to educate our members on nutrition, stress, sleep and other factors that could be helping or hindering their progress in the gym.  You've been a great inspiration to the way that we have chosen to speak to our clients … [Read more...]

The coolest thing you’ve never used

We got the chance to hang out at Jogo Gym in Bellingham, WA for a few days, before and after our workshop there.  Gym owner Emilie Hester was nice enough to let us train early one morning between classes, which meant we got the space to ourselves, and were able to play with all kinds of fun toys.  We jumped on their plyo boxes, hit a few reverse hypers and got to the business preparing to deadlift... until I stumbled across a strange contraption in the back corner of the gym. M:  Hey Dallas - … [Read more...]