Would you rather be my client, or my patient?

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by Dallas Hartwig, PT, MS client (klī'ənt) –noun 1. A person or group that uses professional advice or services 2. A person who is receiving benefits, services, etc;  a customer patient (pā-shənt) –noun 1. A person who receives medical attention, care, or treatment While treating physical therapy patients and training fitness clients, I find myself using similar approaches to teach people how to move. In the PT clinic, performing a movement, exercise, or stretch with correct technique … [Read more...]

Relax, CrossFit Stamford…


...we promise, this won't hurt. We're heading out to CrossFit Stamford (in Stamford, CT) on January 23rd for a Whole9 Nutrition Workshop, and to help them kick off their first 30 day nutrition challenge. And, it appears, they're a little nervous about our visit. From their blog: Take a Deep Breath Future Paleo Participants Friday, January 8, 2010 at 6:40PM Melissa Urban & Dallas Hartwig are coming to town in a few weeks to get us started on a Paleo Challenge and many of us are already … [Read more...]

Cranky on the platform


by Melissa "anyone seen my third pull lying around?" Urban I have, it appears, completely forgotten how to clean. The clean - power, especially - used to be my favorite Olympic lift. My squat clean PR is 115#. My power clean PR is... 115#. Weird, I know, but I've always had a good pull and a comparatively weak front squat, and dropping underneath a heavy barbell seems so much harder than simply standing up and catching it. Those pulls were back in July, however. Between then and now, I … [Read more...]

Ice Rink Reckoning


by Melissa "I refuse your helmet" Urban There’s been a lot of talk in recent posts about “training so you can do cool things in real life” versus just "trying to be really good at exercising”. I like to think the stuff I’ve been doing in the gym has been preparing me for challenges I may face in the real world, or athletic adventures I choose to pursue outside of the gym. At least, that's been my working theory. This weekend, that theory was put to the test, and money met mouth in a very … [Read more...]

9 things to do when you’re All Banged Up


by Dallas Hartwig, PT, MS As a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach, I’ve spent a good portion of my professional career talking to people about recovery, either in the clinic following an injury or in the gym following a high-intensity workout. Since I believe that brief, high-intensity exercise is the most productive in terms of maximizing fitness and minimizing risk of overuse injury and excessive oxidative stress on the body, I prescribe exercise programs that look a lot … [Read more...]

Beware the Lure of the Sexy Met-Con


If you’ve been following our business (formerly CrossFit Whole9) for a while, you’ll know Dallas builds all of our custom programming around strength and quality of movement. Because of this strength focus, we've yet to program a high rep, high volume chipper like the Filthy Fifty. Our met-cons usually come in the form of a short, heavy, simple drill done after a strength or power workout, or a track or "strongman" day where we sprint, jump, throw stuff and carry stuff. We're in the business … [Read more...]

Our official response to the Robb Wolf situation


It's no secret that Dallas and I are Robb Wolf students and followers, and I've been asked many times to personally comment on the Robb Wolf de-affiliation. There's no reason to add fuel to the fire over here, which is why I've voiced my personal opinions in private. I will say, however, that it's a shame for all of us that the CrossFit community has lost two of its most valuable, educated and accomplished coaches. It's also a shame that we, as a group, have spent so much time following the … [Read more...]

The Maureen Martone Rule


A few times here on the blog, I’ve referenced “The Maureen Martone Rule.” (As in, “I haven’t dropped the f-bomb here since the inception of the Maureen Martone Rule”.) This story’s background proved to be one of the most important and defining moments in my life as a professional fitness coach, and one I’m happy to share here with you.Some of you who have been reading the blog since the beginning (July 2008) may know a bit of the back-story. I had switched over to blog format from the … [Read more...]

Whole30 Seminar at Potomac CrossFit


While we were on the road waiting to hear about our Afghanistan trip, we decided to pop in and visit a few of our favorite mid-Atlantic affiliates. We'd kept in touch with Erika and Siddharth, trainers at Potomac CrossFit, since our gymnastics cert there in January 2009, so we invited ourselves over for a workout. Turns out, PCF was a gym in need of some nutritional motivation, with many CrossFitters just one week into their own version of a "Paleo Challenge". Dallas and I were happy to help … [Read more...]

Operation Iron Cross update


After a very stressful and uncertain week, I am really sad to report that our trip has been called off. The entire scenario was out of our hands, and the way things played out couldn't be helped. Here's the background.Our flight out was dependent entirely on the Air Force, and ensuring we could secure a plane to get all seven of us and our cargo to Bagram. That having been said, as we were told several times... it ain't like flying commercial. Planes come when they come, and they're used for … [Read more...]