Conversations with a Vegetarian


In last week's post, we touched on some of the challenges associated with a recent set of workshops – talking “Paleo” principles to both meat-eaters and vegetarians at The Mat Yoga Studio in Richardson, TX.  If you’ve been reading our articles or have done your own Whole30 program, you know exactly why we believe grains, dairy and legumes make you less healthy.  However, as those food groups are often the very foundation of a vegetarian’s diet, relaying that material at a yoga studio doesn’t … [Read more...]

Nutritional Synergy: Robb Wolf + Whole9

syn·er·gy (sĭn'ər-jē) n. 1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. 2. Cooperative interaction among groups that creates an enhanced combined effect. Fascinated by whiteboard diagrams of your small intestine?  Find yourself drawn to the sexy world of prostaglandins and transglutaminase?  Hoping to pick up more creative alternatives to curse words? (Fracken, smuck!) Today, the 9 Blog and are … [Read more...]

Coaching with empathy

We returned late last night from our trip to Richardson, TX, where we pulled off three nutrition workshops in two different locations. We first visited John Marshall and his crew over at CrossFit Richardson, and then talked to two different groups at Becky Strahan's The Mat Yoga Studio. The yoga workshops we conducted were by far the most challenging. Enter almost any CrossFit gym and you'll find that, "grains, soy and beans aren't actually healthy" is pretty old news. To a group of yogis, … [Read more...]

Food should make you healthy: Robb Wolf in review

“You can’t weigh, measure or proportion your way out of sh*tty food.”  -Robb Wolf Dallas and I spent last Sunday with our friend Robb Wolf… and about a hundred nutrition-minded exercise enthusiasts, gym owners, and athletic coaches.  We were all there for the inaugural Paleolithic Solutions Seminar, and to hear Robb’s fresh spin on the old CrossFit Nutrition “Certification”.   We were hoping for plenty of new, relevant, practical material – everything from cortisol to cancer, insulin to … [Read more...]

Release your e-brake

by Melissa Urban, creator of the famous Urban Approach To Squatting Heavier™ We are literally still on the plane, returning from our whirlwind fitness tour of northern California. We were able to cram a ton of good stuff into just two and a half days, hitting both Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility seminar and Robb Wolf’s Paleolithic Solution seminar over the weekend. We’ll catch you up with all things Robb later this week, but as I sit here on the plane all crammed into an awkward typing … [Read more...]

Robb Wolf, new and improved

We're off to the Left Coast this morning, to get a sneak peek of Robb Wolf's new Paleolithic Solution Seminar. He's doing his first "invite only" gig at his Chico, CA gym (NorCal S&C) on Sunday, and we're heading out to preview his new material, expand our base of science-y nutrition goodness and review the event for our readers. Last time we spoke, we asked Robb what kind of stuff he planned to cover in his new-and-improved seminar. He replied, "It's going to be a significant departure from … [Read more...]

Whole30 Recipe Book: Mexi-salad with fresh guacamole


We've been on the road a ton, and that means making extra efforts when it comes to Eating Good Food.  When we travel, we pre-package travel meals in glass storage containers, pack coolers full of ice to keep foods fresh, shop for lunch at the nearest healthy food market, and order the best available meats, oils and vegetables for dinner.  It also means that when we get home, we put EXTRA effort into cooking high quality, high variety, fresh and balanced meals.  Hitting the grocery store as on … [Read more...]

Whole9 hits the road

We're back from our Whole9 Nutrition Workshop at CrossFit Stamford this past Saturday, and we are ridiculously excited about how ridiculously excited THEY are about the Whole30 program!  We had about 25 people at the workshop, and spent almost four hours presenting our material and answering participants' individual questions.   In response, they group has committed to the full "Whole30" program, and even created a nutrition blog to post questions, comments, share good information and offer … [Read more...]

The 603 PTP Program, all in one place

We've been making an awful lot of references to our gym's strength bias in programming, and to our unwavering dedication to form and technique. During recent posts, we've specifically mentioned the 603 PTP program several times.  For those of you who weren't following our strength & conditioning stuff, our facility (formerly called C******* 603) programmed a five week "Power to the People" style cycle, focusing on deadlifts and presses. The program was designed to do one thing - make you … [Read more...]

Would you rather be my client, or my patient?

smarter harder

by Dallas Hartwig, PT, MS client (klī'ənt) –noun 1. A person or group that uses professional advice or services 2. A person who is receiving benefits, services, etc;  a customer patient (pā-shənt) –noun 1. A person who receives medical attention, care, or treatment While treating physical therapy patients and training fitness clients, I find myself using similar approaches to teach people how to move. In the PT clinic, performing a movement, exercise, or stretch with correct technique … [Read more...]