Whole30 Recipe Book: Summerland Mango Salsa

We started our Whole30 the day we left the Keys, but that doesn't mean we indulged too much while visiting Captain Tom and Susan.  We spent most of our days eating fresh fish, caught right off the back of the Urban Renewal.  The last night of our visit, we decided to leave the fish to the Captain, but prep the rest of the meal ourselves, using fresh and local ingredients.  Enter Dallas' on-the-spot creation - Summerland Mango Salsa. The key to making fresh, light, delicious salsa can be … [Read more...]

A Texas roadside met-con

We've been happy to visit so many good gyms along our route, allowing us to keep up with our Heavy Stuff initiatives.  We've trained at Guerrilla CrossFit, Jeannie's Beach CrossFit, CrossFit Daytona, CrossFit Central, CrossFit Austin, CrossFit West Houston, and EmerFit so far, not to mention the amazing Olympic lifting facility "Carl and Sandra's Gym" in Santa Fe, NM, and a host of Gold's, Bally's, 24 Hour Fitness and other non-box gyms that allow us full access to the barbells and plates we … [Read more...]

Weekend motivation

We're throwing up a special post right before the Memorial Day weekend because it sounds like some of you are feeling the pressures right about now. The excitement of your shiny new Whole30 toy may be wearing off.   You feel like you've been "good" and deserve a "reward".  (You've earned it, haven't you?) You're getting a little cranky these days, too. You’re just far enough into this experiment to be feeling like you should be feeling great, but you’re still having some unpleasant side … [Read more...]

Give your sugar tantrums a time-out

health affects of sugar

We like to take some comments on the site "Main Page", if we feel there's a good question, commentary or lesson to be learned.  And yesterday, we received a comment from Susan that hit home - and spoke to one of the most important reasons why we created and continue to promote the Whole30 program as a way to "change your life in 30 days".  The comment is as follows: Susan says: 24 May, 2010 at 10:35 pm I can handle cutting out a lot of not so healthy foods, but I’ll admit that i have … [Read more...]

A Paleo feast with the fabulous Melicious

We're slowly recovering from our biggest series of events yet (at CF Austin and CF West Houston) this weekend.  More on that (and pictures!) as we get our act together later this week.  Today's post is dedicated to a fabulous friend of ours, and the best hostess in Austin - Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan. Melissa has been a client and a friend for almost a year now, and is both a nutritionally savvy blogger and a fabulous cook in her own right.  She runs the blog The Clothes Make the Girl, … [Read more...]

Read your labels

Day Five of our Whole30 program on the road, and things are going really well - so far, not a single "Paleo-but-still-basically-candy" Larabar in the mix.  We've driven through the Keys, up through Florida to the panhandle (where we had an awesome workshop co-hosted by Lightning CrossFit and CrossFit Fort Walton Beach), and then on through Alabama, Mississippi and now, Louisiana.  (We're currently hanging in the hotel post-workout, gnawing on our PWO meal from the Baton Rouge Whole Foods.  There … [Read more...]

The Whole30, Version 2.0

***Check out The Whole30 Version 3.0, active now!*** Last year, we proposed a squeaky clean eating program designed to “change your life in 30 days”.  The response on the blog was overwhelming.  Hundreds of people participated, following the “rules” inspired by the experience  we had when we completed our own 30 day nutritional program.  It wasn’t long before testimonial after testimonial began rolling in – body composition started changing,  gym performance went through the roof, medical … [Read more...]


This post is a call to arms for those of you who have already completed the full Whole30. We want you to testify here and now to the changes, effects and improvements you have personally experienced because of this program.  We want specifics - weight lost, sleep quality regained, energy levels restored, and most importantly... health conditions improved.  Share your experience for all the new Whole30 participants to read.  Testify, make yourself heard, and provide that extra motivation for … [Read more...]

Train like a Pirate

We spent our Wednesday in workshop mode at CF Affliction in Davie, FL.   We had a fun group, most of whom were already pretty savvy to the nutritional concepts we were laying down.  (Including Captain Tom, who nodded and smiled through the entire presentation on artificial sweeteners and Stevia.)  Thanks to the lunchtime crowd for asking some good questions and sending us back some good feedback! After taking the day off from training to hit our workshop on Wednesday, we were more … [Read more...]

Keys style! An oceanside met-con

We woke up in the Keys to winds blowing too hard to go fishing, so we decided to hit a quick and dirty met-con down by the water.  While those “kitchen sink” WODs can be fun to program, including 17 different movements and complicated rep schemes isn’t necessary for an effective, high intensity workout.   We chose a prison-style ring row, push-up and sprint today, using the canal as our “racetrack” and setting up rings on one side and push-ups on the other.  We also included one small … [Read more...]