Bringing Mindfulness to the Office

mindfulness to the office

A Whole9 guest post by Mary Beth LaRue, who is a lover of avocados, homemade chai tea, hip hop and her lovable English bulldog, Rosy. The transition from writing for the local newspaper, slinging drinks and riding my bike absolutely everywhere to sitting behind a desk nine hours a day was a tough one. I'd just graduated college and was headed to Washington DC to work for a prestigious travel magazine. I started to suffer from some major slumpage, pains in my low back and shoulders and … [Read more...]

4 Basic Movements for Kettlebell Workouts

kettlebell movements

This is a Whole9 guest post by Peter Hirsh, a nationally certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor who has been teaching and training with kettlebells for over ten years. The first time I ever picked up a kettlebell was about ten years ago. At the time they were almost unheard of in the US and proper instruction was very hard to find. I read books by Pavel, and studied the different philosophies of Anthony Dilluglio, Valerie Fedorenko and Steve Cotter. I also practiced everything … [Read more...]

Ask Whole9 Canada: What To Do About Bloating

what causes bloating

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Summer and Sarah discuss what you can do to relieve bloating after eating. There are many reasons why we get bloated after eating including, food sensitivities, impaired digestion and stress. Fortunately, many people see immediate relief from bloating after they have completed a Whole30. However, sometimes bloating can persist and additional work … [Read more...]

Preconception Nutrition: What to Eat Before Pregnancy

preconception nutrition

A Whole9 guest post from a mother-daughter duo who are passionate about prenatal nutrition. Emily Rydbom CN, LE and Dr. Leslie Stone are founders of  GrowBaby® and this discussion of Preconception Nutrition is the second article in a series for Whole9. Part 1 discusses the foods and substances that both men and women should avoid before pregnancy.  Part 3 covers Exercise, Sleep, and Stress Management, along with their role in preconception health. Nutrition, stress and toxic exposure … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep Before Lunch

improve your sleep

by Jamie Scott, of Whole9 South Pacific Many people working to improve their health and well-being are very food-focused and like to manage much of their health through diet - and rightly so. However, good health cannot come solely through diet alone (that’s why there are 9 Factors!) and certainly not at the exclusion of the many other lifestyle factors which go hand-in-hand with dietary changes. This is none more true than for sleep. A good night's sleep, every night, is critical for ALL … [Read more...]

#Whole9 Like You’ve Never Seen It, Thanks to Studio Design App

whole9 social media

It's true that social media can sometimes distract you from living the life you want. But, it can also be used to help you stay connected to others who are doing the hard work to change their lives. You can inspire one another, you can learn from one another. That's definitely what's been happening with Whole30 social media. It's amazing to see the ways everyone in the Whole30 community supports each other. If you're new to the Whole9 and Whole30 communities, welcome. We'd love for you to not … [Read more...]

How to keep your self-esteem and stay sane in a world obsessed with image

self esteem

by Anastasia Boulais of Whole9 South Pacific It's an open secret that most people around us are insecure about their looks in one way or another. 8 out of 10 women are reportedly dissatisfied with their body. More than half of the girls aged 12 to 14 wear makeup most days and 17% refuse to leave the house without it. 80% of 10 year old girls have dieted at least once in an attempt to get thinner. There is a misconception that your image anxiety (or as I prefer to call it, "selfie … [Read more...]

Ask Whole9 Canada: What To Do About Constipation

constipation relief

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Summer and Sarah discuss what you can do about constipation. We want to start this post by asking you a personal question: How many times a day do you visit the bathroom for a bowel movement? If you didn’t answer, “1-2 times a day,” then this means you are likely constipated.  Relieving your bowels at least once a day is sign of good digestion. In … [Read more...]

Whole9 Survey and Giveaway

paleo giveaway

Do you like Paleo cookbooks, high-quality spices, Whole30 approved sauces and other great on-the-go foods? It's your lucky day. We're doing a survey of the Whole9 community so that we can learn more about you and how we can continue to help you on your journey towards optimal health. And even though this survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete, we still wanted to give you the chance to win some awesome prizes in exchange for your time. We've gathered a long list of quality products … [Read more...]

The Stress-Craving Connection

stress craving

You've changed your diet, giving up added sugar and foods-with-no-brakes. Now that you've finished our Whole30 program, your Sugar Dragon is sleeping soundly in his cave. But soon enough, despite your continued efforts to sleep well, exercise, eat healthy, your Dragon wakes up and breathes fire once again. What's going on? Stress, that's what. Learn how stress impacts cravings for sugar and carbs and simple techniques to tame that dragon from Melissa Hartwig, co-founder of Whole9 and the … [Read more...]