The Truth About Cholesterol


A Whole9 guest post by Dr Sult, medical doctor, medical educator, inspirational speaker & the author of Just Be Well: A Book For Seekers of Vibrant Health. The Inside Story on Cholesterol Looking to lower your risk of heart disease? Conventional wisdom says you should exercise regularly, eat well and keep your cholesterol levels in the recommended range. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. Cholesterol is actually a lousy predictor of whether you're going to have a heart attack. In fact, … [Read more...]

Ask Whole9 Canada: The Importance Of Defining Health vs. Performance Goals

health vs performance goals

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Summer and Sarah discuss the importance of defining health versus performance goals. Having clearly defined goals is important to achieving the success you desire. When there are multiple goals, you risk having to sacrifice one area to achieve the greatest potential in the other. We can bucket the most common goals into three categories: health, … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Avoid Exercise-Related Injury

avoid exercise related injury

A Whole9 guest post by Kate Galliett, creator of Fit for Real Life and The Unbreakable Body, an online strength and mobility program. Getting injured is a very common issue, both at the general population level and the elite level. An injury can be a major sideline to your fitness progress. Injuries are expensive when you consider the money and time spent going from one pain-relief appointment to the next. Plus, injuries have been shown to decrease your total happiness quotient over time (not … [Read more...]

5 Considerations When Selecting a Gym

selecting a gym

Whole9 guest post by Coach Rut who participates in the sport of weightlifting and is the current Kansas State Champion and the 2006, 2013 and 2014 National Master Champion at 94kg. Locating a professional gym is a difficult task for today’s consumer. There is far too much information dispensed on a daily basis that truth and quality are difficult to determine. Put up a nice website with some fit bodies and at least on the surface it can look appealing and credible. But wait-a-minute! Is … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Ski Season: Conditioning for All Levels

ski season conditioning

A Whole9 guest post by Eva T., two time Olympian in Alpine Skiing and a 12 year veteran of the U.S. Ski Team The majority of seasonal skiers I speak to do nothing to prepare for the ski season. They simply hope it won't be their year for a tweak or an injury. Then, there is the other population who want to make it to the next level in their skiing and prep for the season, but they are missing specific components to their program. Finally, there is the skier who is totally on it and is … [Read more...]

Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

good stress

A Whole9 guest post by Dr Sult, medical doctor, medical educator, inspirational speaker & the author of Just Be Well: A Book For Seekers of Vibrant Health. How to Make Stress Work for You Have you ever had a project to do with plenty of time to get it done, yet you just couldn't bring yourself to get around to doing it? Until, of course, the deadline was upon you. Though you may have broken into a sweat of anxiety, you finally buckled down and focused, and knocked the project out of the … [Read more...]

Training Guidelines Throughout Aging

training guidelines aging

A Whole9 guest post by Skyler Tanner,  fitness and nutrition coach with 15 years of experience. I like helping people to avoid the medical machine as long as possible. That said, I’m often asked this: What does a 30-something year old guy know about what it’s like to be 60/70/80 years old? My response: “Does an oncologist need to have survived cancer to earn the right to treat cancer?” The simple fact of the matter is that humans, as unique beautiful flowers as we seem believe ourselves … [Read more...]

Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Kettlebell for Beginners at

This is a Whole9 guest post by Peter Hirsh, a nationally certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor who has been teaching and training with kettlebells for over ten years. Last month, I posted an article with kettlebell basic movements to help people understand what kettlebell training is all about. In the post, we taught deadlifts, and the three primary kettlebell lifts, the swing, the clean&press, and the snatch. Today, I am going to dive further into the art of kettlebell … [Read more...]

4 Benefits of Green Exercise

4 Benefits to Green Exercise at

A Whole9 guest post by James Murphy, a self-described nature-loving-hippie currently living in New Zealand who loves to play outside. When I step outside into nature, it's as though I'm stepping into a world that was designed for me to play and move in. There are trees that seem made for climbing, taunting me with their low-hanging branches. Rocks that have been set up with the perfect jumping distance between them daring me to give it a go. Fascinating trail heads that pique my curiosity … [Read more...]

9 Things We’ve Learned Since Starting Whole9

whole9 things learned

We founded Whole9 in 2009 and created the 9 factors as a way to incorporate a holistic approach into our lifestyle consulting practice. Since then, the Whole30 and Whole9 communities have grown by leaps and bounds. Our New York Times bestselling book It Starts With Food, has been translated into Czech and Lithuanian and we're currently working on the audiobook, hoping a Spanish version isn't far behind. There are lots of exciting projects on the horizon. We wanted to share this list of things … [Read more...]