Teenagers, Sleep and Mental Health

Teenagers and Sleep

A Whole9 guest post by Emily Deans M.D., a board certified psychiatrist with a practice in Massachusetts who teaches psychiatry at Harvard Medical School One of the reasons mental health problems can be so difficult and debilitating is that they tend to start when someone is quite young. Adolescence is a key developmental stage of the brain, which is not fully “adult” until the early 20s. Babies, children, and adolescents of all species need more sleep than their adult counterparts, mostly … [Read more...]

I Move, Therefore I Am

Healthy Movement at Whole9life.com

A Whole9 guest post by James Murphy, amateur-adventurer and curious thinker, currently living in New Zealand. It’s impossible to talk about health without discussing movement and the increasingly common sedentary behaviour of our species.  Most of us are not really moving a whole lot during the day. How closely does this resemble your daily routine? You lay down to sleep. You sit down for breakfast. You sit down in your car to commute to work where you again sit down for most of the day. … [Read more...]

The Benefits of High Intensity Training

Benefits of HIIT

A Whole9 guest post by Peter Hirsh, a nationally certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor who has been teaching and training with kettlebells for over ten years Most people like to get their heart rate up when they exercise, and doing so brings about tremendous benefits. In many traditional gyms, an abundance of seated weight lifting machines and exercises has increased the demand for equipment dedicated to cardiovascular exercise. When you sit down to lift weights, the overall … [Read more...]

Slug, Striver or Integrator: Where Are You?

Coach Rut

Whole9 guest post by Coach Rut, who has over a quarter century of fitness coaching experience and holds academic degrees in biology and physical education, and Master’s degrees in exercise physiology and sports biomechanics. Today I would like to put you in a box. As a fitness coach, I like to put you in a particular place on my fitness continuum. By placing you in a particular place on my continuum, I can do a better job of assisting your progress. I don’t ask too much at the wrong time and … [Read more...]

Dealing with Periods of Intense Stress (Part 2)


by Melissa Hartwig, co-founder of Whole9 and a recent survivor of The Whole30 book t0ur Earlier this week in Part 1,  I talked about the irony of making myself less healthy while on the Whole30 book tour, promoting our healthy eating plan. Happily, however, I learned from my first experience (co-authoring and promoting It Starts With Food), and I find myself in a better (but still not awesome) place after our second book. I also reminded you that you don't have to embark upon a 14-city … [Read more...]

Dealing With Periods of Intense Stress (Part 1)


 by Melissa Hartwig,  co-founder of Whole9 and recent survivor of The Whole30 Book Tour The Whole30 Book Tour has come to a close. WHEW. Duration: April 20 – May 26 Cities: 14 (New York twice) Flights: 20 Interviews: 31 Books Signed: >3,000 By any estimation, the tour was a smashing success! But I am tired. Oh, the irony of making yourself less healthy promoting your healthy lifestyle plan. About the third week of the tour, Whole9 co-founder Dallas Hartwig and I both got … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Human Connection

human connection

A Whole9 guest post by Kate Galliett, creator of Fit for Real Life and The Unbreakable Body, an online strength and mobility program One hundred and fifty. Dunbar’s Number. Named after British anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, 150 is the suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These are relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person. Compare the number 150 to how … [Read more...]

When the Goldilocks Zone Isn’t ‘Just Right’


by Jamie Scott, of Whole9 South Pacific, who thinks you should come to New Zealand this October. Goldilocks first tried Baby Bear's training programme, but it was far too easy and Goldilocks was easily bored. So next she tried Papa Bear's training programme and ‘oof’… it was way too hard. Finally she settled on Mama Bear's programme and BOOM, she eventually blew herself to bits because she spent too much time training in ‘no man’s land’. Punch line first… Performance in intense exercise … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes People Make in Their Exercise Routine

Exercise Routine at Whole9life.com

This is a Whole9 guest post by Peter Hirsh, a nationally certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor who has been teaching and training with kettlebells for over ten years. Trainers today often disagree about the methods that are the most appropriate for their clients for both exercise and nutrition. Enter into any gym and you can observe people using cardio machines, weight lifting machines and others using medicine balls, kettlebells and sandbags. I have been teaching health and … [Read more...]

Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep: Advanced Tips – Part 2

Advanced Sleep Tips at Whole9life.com

Whole9 guest post by Emily Deans M.D., a board certified psychiatrist with a practice in Massachusetts and she teaches psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. In Part I of this series, we reviewed the importance of good sleep to brain health (summary: you die without it) and some basic sleep hygiene points managing the sleep cycle and circadian rhythms. But let’s say you try and try, you eliminate caffeine and you only drink a single beer at noon on Sunday while watching the football game.  You … [Read more...]