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Ask Whole9 Canada: How To Deal With Unsupportive People

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Summer and Sarah talk about how to deal with unsupportive people.

Starting a Whole30 or making any big changes in your nutrition or lifestyle to improve your health can be made difficult when you don’t have a good support system. We often hear stories from our clients that range from subtle comments from friends such as, “Can’t you just have one bite?” to more hurtful comments from loved ones like, “Here we go again. Another diet. I wonder how long this will last.” Having a solid support system is crucial to making large or small transformations in your life.

There are many reasons why friends and family will say these things, but what is the best way to deal with them? In this episode of S&STV, we discuss how to deal with an unsupportive person and conversely, how to be a role model supporter to your friends and family.

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  1. Barbara says

    Loved all your ideas about unsupportive people, but how can I get my cardiologist onboard with this? He is an author of a diet book himself, and I agree with much of it, but not about limiting fats.

  2. Hollie Golightly says

    My ‘skinny’ roommate stocks our house with cookies, cake, chocolate, chips, you name it even after I askd her to keep it out of sight to support my new lifestyle.. It’s so frustrating!

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