Emergency Food

Emergency Food For Your January Whole30

We’re pretty famous for our tough love around here. When it comes to the upcoming January Whole30, we’ll tell you that preparation is key, and that if you fail to prepare you may as well prepare to fail.

Sure, your Whole30 experience is a great time to get disciplined in the kitchen and to experiment with new ingredients and interesting recipes, but we can almost guarantee that there will be days/nights/meals/moments when you can’t prepare an intricate – or even a simple – meal. You may find yourself stuck late at work, under the weather, rushing from activity to activity with your kids, or in need of something to nosh on during a spontaneous night out.

That’s where emergency options from our Whole30 Approved and affiliated companies come into play.  With products like these, you won’t ever have a reason to turn to the take out menus in your silverware drawer (yeah, we know they’re there).

Note: These are not everyday meal options. Whenever possible, we want you to prepare a meal and then sit down and eat it. From a plate. With a fork.

When You Need Some Emergency Protein…

Check out Chomps Snack Sticks and Gourmet Grassfed beef jerky.  These 100% grass-fed, individually-packaged, totally portable protein options are a great addition to some grab-and-go veggies and a healthy fat (like homemade mayo, almond butter, or guacamole).  They’re perfect to stash in your car, purse or desk drawer for those times when you’ve got to have something now.

When You Want Protein, Fat and Carbs…

Opt for a Primal Pac or an RxBar.  These option combine the portability of emergency protein with the added fat and carbs you need to carry you through a missed meal time or a delayed flight.  Again, these options are pre-portioned and packaged for serious convenience in an inconvenient situation.

Use the promo code “whole30” to save 10% off your order of $20 or more at http://rxbar.com!

When You Need A (Fast) Home-Cooked Meal…

Turn to our friends at Pre-Made Paleo.  Their 100% Whole30-compliant frozen meals can be ordered in various combinations and shipped right to your door. And, just for our January Whole30, they’ve put together a food-emergency preparedness package for you!

What you’ll get:

Enough food for five full days, including snacks. That’s five breakfasts, ten interchangeable lunch or dinner options with a protein and composed vegetable side, and five  servings of their delicious trail mix.

You’ll be enjoying breakfast classics like sausage skillets and Melissa’s Chicken Hash, and fancypants lunches and dinners like Organic Dijon Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato Salad,  Cherry Apple Pork Loin with Fire Cracker Brussel Sprouts and Parsnips, and Coffee Braised Beef Brisket with Roasted Cauliflower in Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette.

What you’ll pay:

The retail value of this package ranges from $175 (with standard 5 oz protein portions) to $209 (for the 8 oz warrior portions)… but they’re offering the package to you at a 10% discount so you can prepare for your January Whole30.

That means that the whole package is available to you for just $157.50 (5 oz. protein) or $188.10 (8 oz. protein), plus shipping!

That comes to between $10.50 and $12.50 per meal… comparable to what you’d pay in your local health food store for grass-fed, pastured, organic, local, seasonal ingredients.

How to get it:

Click on over to this special offer on the Premade Paleo site.  Add the package to your cart and use promo code WHOLE30EPACK at checkout to receive your discount. Then, eagerly await an emergency that calls for a Pre-Made Paleo meal.

A note on shipping: because both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall in the middle of the week, the last day to order for January 1st delivery is December 18th. Orders places after the 18th will ship on January 6th. In the lower 48 states, you can opt for overnight delivery between December 18-30 for an additional $35 (which you can select at check-out).

The January Whole30 is quickly approaching! Take these emergency food tips and start building your stock now so that you’re completely prepared for any “what now?!” moments that may pop up during your Whole30. 

Do you have a favorite Whole30 emergency food, meal, or snack?  Share it with us in the comments!

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  1. says

    I look at this a little differently – I think every person might have different Whole30 goals (even the same person on a different Whole30 might be focusing on a different important pillar of health and self-awareness). It’s easy for me not to eat grains/legumes/dairy (I do that ~360 days/year), very occasional sweetener… so stepping up in food prep/planning might be a more important challenge than some of the food ‘restrictions’ (and no, I don’t eat Whole30-compliant all year, and YES, I have some unfortunate go-to grabbable snacks occasionally).

    VERY grateful to have great, high-quality convenience foods available (and not just for 30 days!)… Where I am in my journey, setting my rules and following them is more important than anyone else’s program, no matter how thoughtful and tested and proven. That’s harder, in some ways (for me); but when I’m successfully inventing *and* doing My Thing, I really thrive. Time to clear room in the freezer for some homemade plan-ahead specialties of the house :)

  2. Casey says

    Canned fish. I always have a can for myself and a can for my daughter on my person. That way, if we decide the playground is just too fun to leave, but we need to eat, we’ve got something to hold us over.

    Also, I learned from last January’s Whole30 that when illness strikes, the last thing you want to do is cook. So, when I had a little extra time recently, I cooked up a big batch of chicken and veggie soup, and froze it in pint jars. (This is really paying off this week, as the whole family is sick!) I tend to make sure I freeze at least a pint jar of something a week out of the weekly menu, so there is always something to eat in the freezer. That’s a great habit to get in to and has served us well!

  3. nickliovich (Nikki) says

    I try to make my own beef jerky. I do it in the stove and it is so easy! Cut up your thin cuts, trim the fat. Just set it on the lowest possible temperature (which is usually around 170 degrees). So easy to grab and go!

    Pre-making soups is a really good idea too, for when you are sick. I’m going to do that! I usually buy up a lot of butternut squash during squash season and make lots of butternut squash & apple soup and freeze it!

    Another idea….those pre-made salads you can get from Trader Joes also come in handy when we travel.