Ask Whole9 Canada: Where can I find grass-fed dairy in Canada?

Welcome to Ask Whole9 Canada, where Summer Innanen and Sarah Ramsden answer all of your health and nutrition questions. In this week’s episode, Joe from Montreal asks us, “Where can I find a Canadian source of grass-fed (pastured) dairy?”

In last week’s episode, we talked about how you can determine whether or not you can tolerate dairy and what some of the common symptoms are of a diary sensitivity or intolerance are.  In our Whole9 Nutrition Seminar we talk about how the fat component of dairy is the one constituent that does have health promoting benefits and this is why ghee is included as one of the healthy fats in the Whole30.  In addition, assuming you have completed your own post-Whole30 self-experimentation and determined that you can tolerate some dairy, then you may want to include some high-fat cream or butter in your diet.  If this is the case, it’s imperative that you are buying the highest quality dairy, which means it is 100% grass-fed and organic. In Canada, this is not the easiest food to obtain.

In this episode, we break down where to find Canadian sources of grass-fed and organic butter (so you can make ghee) as well as high-fat cream.

Here are the links to the brands we know of in Toronto as referenced in the video:
Organic Meadow
Harmony Organic
Sheldon Creek Dairy
St. Francis Herb Farm
The Devon Cream Company

Got a question for Whole9 Canada? Send your questions about health, nutrition or where to find Whole30 approved sources of food (that you don’t need to import!) to asksummerandsarah@gmail.com and we’ll feature you in an upcoming episode.

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  1. Robin says

    It would be nice to identify options for Grassfed Dairy in CANADA (i.e., the provinces/territories) and not just Toronto, since the article is titled: Where Can I Find Grassfed Dairy in Canada? if you are going to do the research, at least have one option per province.

  2. says


    Your comment surpasses impolite–it’s just plain rude. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that’s not how you intended it, considering Summer, Sarah, and the rest of our team provide these resources for you (and all of our readers) for free.

    A quick Google search would help you find grass-fed dairy in your area. A politely worded request would get you far more assistance from our team.


  3. Susan says

    Hi there,

    I don’t see any of the “rudeness” you allege?!

    Your readers give you their time for free.

    If you are going to provide information that is useful in “Ontario”, or a region thereof, then it would be wiser, more accurate and humbler to not to overstate that scope of objective in the title of your post.

    Best to all

  4. Barb Wasylkiewicz says

    I have just searched your links and it looks like the Organic Meadow dairy is available at Superstore. I live just outside of Edmonton, Alberta so I hate to drive to the big city for anything !
    Thanks for the info and the links !!

  5. Sarah /Whole9 Canada says

    Hi Robin,

    As I’m sure you know, finding grassfed dairy is hard in Canada, and it’s unrealistic to expect us to give a source per province considering they are small, local dairies who offer this kind of product. It takes leg work and asking lots of questions “on the ground”… Your expectations are way too high! Our goal is always to give you tactics to find your OWN source, and to teach you about what to look for if “grassfed” isn’t on the label, which it very, very rarely is here. That is far more valuable to our readership than any “list” (even if we had one).

    Clearly you have taken offence of our desire to offer some tips and educate you on the system here, but frankly it’s up to YOU to put in some effort and apply them.

    Sarah / Whole9 Canada

  6. Dariola says

    I don’t understand why Robin’s comment can be rude! I wish it was as simple as a Google search to find grass fed butter!

    Anyways, after a long journey of research and trial of all the so-called grass-fed butter in Quebec, I finally found the real grassfed butter in Montreal from an entrepreneur who gets it for himself and his friends from New Brunswick. This butter is not even comparable with L’Ancêtre, La Beurrerie du Patrimoine, Organic Meadow and all the other brands who advertise that they grass feed their cows. The quality of this butter is almost like of the butters in Eastern Europe.

    This is the phone number of this guy. He said with prior notice he can get some extra butter for the requests in the Montreal area. Before you call him, please realize that he is NOT a store. He is a humble professional who cares to share. Bon appetit! 514-515-8811—Fab


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