A Labor of Love: Gourmet Grassfed’s New Whole30® Approved Line

Our Whole30® Approved program is about more than just finding you tasty, compliant food.* It’s about connecting with the small business owners in our community, and introducing you to products that you can feel good about supporting. That’s why, since 2011, we’ve built such a close relationship with Gourmet Grassfed. Ben, Andy, and Becky not only produce some of the tastiest Whole3o-compliant jerky on the market—they also source their meat using the highest standards, and know their farmers and producers.  From their website:

Our Vision at Gourmet Grassfed is idealistic and includes a day where we no longer have to use adjectives and descriptors like REAL, organic, grass-fed, sustainable. We envision a world where this kind of food is the rule rather than the exception… Farmers come first, and the farmers we work with are striving to be the best stewards they can be. We come alongside and offer pay incentives to encourage them to keep striving to improve their practices, thus building up the land, the animals, and the quality of the meat.

We desire to promote ecologically sound agriculture and show that there is a viable future for those daring farmers who choose the risky and underappreciated job of producing our food. We seek to honor the farmers, the animals, and the healthy, delicious, grass-fed meats they produce

Yeah, this is more than just a jerky company, folks. The small team behind Gourmet Grassfed are the innovators and future leaders in a new food system that puts the farmer first, treats animals with respect and honor, produces food that is just as healthy for you as it is tasty, and goes beyond simply selling products to share their expertise and passion with their customers.

Gourmet Grassfed, Working Hard For You

When we first introduce you to Gourmet Grassfed in 2011, they had one Whole30 Approved flavor—”Bold Original.” Today, we are about to introduce you to an entirely new line of Gourmet Grassfed jerky—four new flavors, every single one Whole30 compliant.

For the last year and a half, they have tirelessly worked to change the ingredients for their delicious Cherry Chipotle jerky, sourcing organic dried cherries with no added sugar. They also asked for feedback from our community to help them create some innovative new jerky flavors, scouring local producers to find Whole30-compliant ingredients for every last one.

Today, Gourmet Grassfed will be rolling out all of their new Whole30® Approved jerky flavors to our community first, with a sweet discount.

As a result, you now have delicious 100% grass-fed jerky options for your next Whole30… and two new delicious snacks for life after your Whole30, too. (Don’t thank us—thank Ben, Andy, and Becky.)

Five (!) Whole30 Flavors

Introducing the five flavors of Gourmet Grassfed’s Whole30 Approved jerky line:






Gourmet Grassfed is also rolling out two products for life after your Whole30—an ”Original BeefStick” (a Slim Jim-like product cased in a traditional sheep casing) and summer sausage, both sweetened with just a touch of honey.

A Special Discount for Whole9 Readers

It may be Labor Day for you, but Gourmet Grassfed has been hard at work, creating a new website and setting up a special discount for Whole9 readers. First, head on over to their Facebook page and give them a like, and/or their Twitter account (@GourmetGrass) and give them a follow. Then…

Visit https://www.gourmetgrassfed.com/shop/ and receive free shipping with any order over $50, plus score an additional 10% off using the code Grassfed30.

Check out a new flavor, fall in love (again) with one of their original flavors, and share in our pride in supporting a company with the mission, vision, and integrity of Gourmet Grassfed.

*As stated on our Whole30 Approved page, this program is simply about connecting you with good people and healthy food during your Whole30. We have zero financial affiliations or ties with any company or product in our Whole30 Approved family. We get no kick-backs, nor do we earn any commission when their products are promoted or sold. (Although in the interest of full disclosure, sometimes we get free samples, which is sweet.) 


  1. says

    $2-$3 IS indeed a lot for a snack. Our product reflects the very real cost to product a sustainable product that honors the farmer and the work they do. We are also truly sensitive to meeting people where they are at, which is why we offer everyone our wholesale cost if they buy a case (did I mention it’ll last at least a year unrefrigerated?) Also, these are filling little buggers. $2.25 for afternoon snack WILL fill you up.

    MUCH love :)

  2. Kathy Hagle says

    I just ordered some and am looking forward too tasting this. As I am sure it will be good. As for the cost as I am learning quickly, you get what you pay for. I could be getting cheaper cuts of meat or less expensive foods. But they will not hold me well until a meal.

  3. Kristen Mc says

    I just ordered my 40 pack! On Day 2 of our family Whole30 and these will be perfect for the week-long camping/hiking trip we have planned during our 30 days! Worth the cost and thanks for the free shipping and 10% discount!! ;)

  4. says

    @Iskn: Yes it seems that 2.25 is a lot for a snack. I don’t know about your prior eating habits, but I can remember not long ago stopping at a gas station and easily putting 5 bucks on the counter to cover whatever crap I decided looked tasty. So in the grand scheme, 2.25, not that much for a quick go to snack.

  5. Greg says

    Thanks for the awesome discount. Price seems to be what it should be when taking into account all production costs. If I wanted to pay less, I’d make my own or buy an inferior product- not things I want to be doing with my time at the moment. So thanks again for being one of the few companies producing the highest quality beef snacks possible. (just ordered a 100 pack- 2.07/snack, if you order 150 it comes to 1.80/snack)

  6. Peggy says

    Jerky of any kind is not cheap, these prices are same as what you would pay for crap jerky in the gas station or grocery store

  7. Quinn says

    I had bought before and really like the product with all the new flavors I was pretty excited and bought the 40 pack. All of them are pretty good! Granted the original and cherry seemed to be dried better then the others and I have had similar products from steves and us wellness and made my own but do think gourmet grassfed has a good thing going. Only complaint I have is that I was excited when I saw the new flavors so put a order in then a minute later read the discount and emailed them right away but they don’t appear to be honoring it now. So I don’t know if they are just greedy or busy and will get to it. I like to support good venders that have good products but get leery about greedy ones I hope they come around. It is nice having more options though for quality products.
    On another thought I do have one other question why does it need starter culture? Or what exactly is that? In other products I normally buy I am able to recognize all the ingredients with no starter culture.

  8. says

    Quinn, I assure you, the team at Gourmet Grassfed are truly good people! They are a very small company, though, and may simply be overwhelmed with the release of their new product line, and all the orders coming in. I’ll ask them to respond to your request. As for the starter culture, it’s a bacterial culture that plays a role in the fermentation process for dried meats like jerky. It’s a perfectly healthy preparation method, and is no cause for concern.



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