Good Food Manifesto

The Whole9 Good Food Manifesto

You know we love a good manifesto around here. In the past, we’ve shared our views on grains, coffee, sugar, and bacon, but today, we’re sharing something different. Today, we give you our views on Good Food – not just during your Whole30®, but well beyond.

Live a Whole9 Life

Today, we give you our take on what it means to live a Whole9 Life. Download our printable graphic for your fridge, or use our perfectly sized Facebook cover photo on your page. Tell your family, friends, and co-workers what it means to change your life just by changing the food you put on your plate. Remind yourself why you eat the foods you eat, and how through dedication and hard work, you have created new, healthy, sustainable habits. Share the Good Food word with others who want to know what you’ve been doing to look, feel, and live so well.

Today, we invite you to live a Whole9 Life, and we remind you that It Starts With Food.

High-resolution printable graphic

To print, click on the below graphic and print the PDF in landscape orientation. 

good food manifesto whole9

Facebook cover photo

To download, click on the below graphic, then right-click (PC) or Ctrl + click (Mac) and “save as” to your computer. Then, upload to Facebook as your new cover photo.

facebook cover image it starts with food


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  1. says

    I love these!!! I already changed my FB cover picture and for sure I am downloading the big printable graphic. Will that be ok to use it on a t-shirt???

  2. says

    Nina, the graphic should be large enough to use on a t-shirt, but you may need a higher res version. If your t-shirt design guy doesn’t think it will work, let me know and I’ll email you the 300 dpi version.


  3. says

    Melissa, that would be cool if you could send me 300dpi version! Oooooh, I can almost see that t-shirt on me, walking outside and having people asking: “What is this about???” :D If you can, please send it to me on Thank you so very much!!! :) I will for sure share a picture once the t-shirt is done!!! :)

  4. says

    @Nila, so cool! If you care to take a photo that we can share on our Facebook page, that would be awesome (no pressure though). If you want to, you can send it to me at erin at

  5. Marie says

    Oh, I would love to see my daughter wearing a t-shirt with this on it at school. Today she told me that if I put an avocado (which she loves) in her lunch then no one will sit by her because her friends think it’s gross. I am so proud that she likes good food and I hope she can weather through the peer pressure. (the avocado did go in).

  6. Fritzie says


    I would love to print the manifesto on a T-Shirt also.
    Could you send me the 300dpi version, too?


  7. marisa says

    Theres a lot of interest in the whole30 t-shirts. I dont mind printing one myself but was just wondering if they were for sale anywhere first? I like to support a good cause!

  8. Markeisha Bell says

    Please send me the 300 dpi so I can make shirts for my friends and I who are doing the whole 30!!!

  9. jen l says

    I would also love to have a shirt with the manifesto. But I would like even more to be able to purchase it from Melissa and Dallas, to support them in thanks for how much they do (and have done) for the rest of us.