Introducing W9SP

Introducing Whole9 South Pacific

Today, we are excited to announce a new Whole9 venture—delivering  our message of health and nutrition clear across the globe, and spreading our Good Food word to a brand new population. But first, a little background.

Sharing the Good Food Word

We (Dallas and Melissa) have held more than 100 nutrition seminars since our very first event in November 2009. That’s not even counting the dozens of free mini-seminars, open Q&A sessions, and events at which we’ve presented in the last three years. But for every 30 seminar requests we receive, we have to turn 29 of them down. In fact, we’ve got a current queue of requests totaling more than 500 deep, from all across the world.

The problem is that we’re only two people, and there are only so many weekends in a year. (And we can only do so much traveling while still keeping ourselves healthy and sane.) Unfortunately, some of the first places we cross off the list are far-reaching venues—places like Japan, New Zealand, Iceland (okay, we did go there), and Australia. Unfortunately, we book so far in advance, and these trips would require so much of our time and resources, that we generally, begrudgingly, almost always have to say no.

Until now.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the first official Whole9 expansion—Whole9 South Pacific, created specifically to spread our Good Food message, Whole30® program, and 9 Factors to Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding area.

The best part? We’ve hand-chosen two of the smartest, most charming, funnest (that’s a real word in our house) people within our community to partner up with.

You can read Jamie and Anastasia’s full bios on the About Us page… but you’ve probably already heard of them. Jamie blogs under That Paleo Guy, and was a presenter at the 2011 and 2012 Ancestral Health Symposiums. Hailing originally from New Zealand, Jamie now lives and works in Australia. (We also introduced Jamie as part of the Whole9 consulting team back in May.)

Anastasia Boulais is a newly-minted medical doctor in Australia, who blogs under the name Primal Med Ed. We’ve been longtime fans of Anastasia’s approach to reconcile conventional medical wisdom with ancestral health concepts, and have outreached to her on more than one occasion to debate the merits of various research papers and concepts.

Jamie and Anastasia participated in our Boston, MA seminar in August, stepping outside of nutrition to present their original healthy lifestyle material, “The Five S’s of health”: sleep, sunshine, slow movement, socialization, and stress. Their presentation fit brilliantly into our healthy eating message, and expanded our normal seminar talking points even further into our 9 Factors.

Taking Whole9 and the Whole30® to Your Community

Whole9 South Pacific: Ancestral health experts located right in your down-under backyard, combined with highly recommended Whole9 seminar material, and our proven Whole30® program. It’s a winning combination, and we are thrilled to have Jamie and Anastasia sharing our message with you.

Effective immediately, Jamie and Anastasia are officially accepting seminar requests as Whole9 South Pacific.

Which means all you Whole9 Nutrition Partners, gym owners, Paleo-minded businesses, and interested parties in their neck of the woods now have a local host, presenting our tried-and-tested nutrition and lifestyle information in your communities.

We’ll be going through recent seminar requests in your area, putting local hosts in touch with Jamie and Anastasia directly to discuss available dates and schedule events. Preference will be given to Whole9 Nutrition Partners, and seminar requests we’ve already logged.

If you are in the South Pacific, and want to host a Whole9 nutrition seminar with Jamie and Anastasia, please contact us at

Please join us in welcoming Jamie and Anastasia to the team—and stay tuned for further announcements about additional Whole9 expansions.

We can help you live the Whole9 life.

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  1. Cassiel says

    Congratulations, Anastasia and Jamie! Dallas and Melissa, you have impeccable taste. ;) As an Aussie, I’m really excited to see where things go from here!!

  2. Nic says

    Before now I have found it quite difficult to find Australian based Paleo resources – so I find this quite exciting!

    Something I would love to see is a list of whole30 approved products which are available in Australia – it’s sometimes hard to get a lot of things here! Or to know where to find them. Perhaps a little section on the forum for us Aussies would be a good spot for people to post about where they have found good products? :)

  3. says

    Good idea, Nic. We’ll add a spot in the Whole30 Forum for you, and keep an eye out for Whole30 Approved products in the South Pacific. We’re traveling this weekend, but I’ll work on the forum addition next week.