Jessica Oram: Inspiration, Leader, Envoy

We are thrilled to welcome Jessica Oram as our newest Whole9 Envoy Extraordinaire.

Jessica Oram, Whole9 Envoy ExtraordinaireJessica has been a leader within our community since she submitted one of the most powerful testimonials we’ve ever received on September 2011. Since then, Jessica has been spreading the Good Food word with friends and family; to those who also suffer from TTM (trichotillomania) as an official speaker at their national conference; and via recorded interviews, sharing her Whole30 experience.

Jessica was hand-selected for this position due to her significant contributions to the Whole9 community, enthusiastic participation in (and success with!) our Whole30 program, and her embodiment of the spirit of our mission and values. Which means you can rely on Jessica- and all our Envoys – to provide support, encouragement and advice during your Whole30 and beyond.

You can read more about Jessica in her Whole9 EE profile ( We encourage you to reach out to Jessica through Facebook and email (found in her profile), and get familiar with our other Envoys here.

As always, thank you to everyone who reads, follows, comments and contributes to the Whole9. We look forward to further educating, sharing and growing our community… with the help of our specially designated Envoy Extraordinaires.

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