Clean Mass Gain: A Case Study

Author’s note: Today (September 24th) is Dallas’ birthday, so we thought it only fitting to re-release one of his best articles to date. Give him a happy birthday shout-out on Facebook!

Earlier this year, Dallas wrote an article for Performance Menu, the “journal of nutrition and athletic excellence” published each month by Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics.  The article focused on the what, why, and how of Dallas’ personal “clean mass gain” experiment – how to add muscle mass using only healthy, paleo-style foods.

Thanks to the generosity of Catalyst Athletics, today we are offering Dallas’ article for free – available to those without a subscription to PMenu. (Although if you don’t yet have a subscription, we can’t help but wonder why. Your health, performance and taste buds would all benefit from PMenu’s high caliber monthly offerings, and who doesn’t like the instant gratification of an on-line publication? The best part? You can subscribe for the whole year for only $30. Seriously – go do it.  We’ll wait.)

Here’s a preview from Dallas’ article.

Clean Mass Gain: A Case Study

Before jumping into any mass gain program, the intrinsic motivation for desiring to gain “mass” (presumably mostly muscle) must be first ferreted out so that an appropriate strategy may be employed. In my experience, there are three primary motivations to gain mass: performance, health and vanity. Those are not mutually exclusive, nor is vanity an unworthy reason for undertaking a mass gain program. Furthermore, most individuals don’t have a singular reason for seeking more mass; generally, there is one primary motivation, with some secondary motivations in the mix. Determining which is primary will be key in determining your plan of attack. Just be honest with yourself (and, if applicable, your trainer/coach) about your primary motivation to seek more muscle, as that will make you more likely to facilitate success in reaching your goals.”

Download the full PDF

You can download the full Performance Menu PDF here.

And as you couldn’t comment or post questions on the original article in PMenu, we’ll host them here – so feel free to post your thoughts below.

Enjoy… and happy (?) eating.

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  1. Jessica Jane says

    THANK YOU! My boyfriend has been doing the paleo shindig with me for quite awhile now and loving it (even trying all those exotic animals!), but is really interested in seriously bulking up. He wants to do a very “lean” gain so I reccomended he cycle his calories/carbohydrates (he used to be significantly overweight years ago, so he is more predisposed to putting on weight rather than a “hardgainer”.) Dallas… Did you find that you put on too much fat just going hog-wild with your food choices? Did you eat less on off days? This is his only major concern. Thanks for this! Hope you enjoy your birthday! ;-)