It Starts With Food: The Official Page

We are thrilled to announce a brand new addition to the Whole9 website. In anticipation of our book It Starts With Food being released on June 12th (yay!), we’ve created the official It Starts With Food page, full of special bonus items offered as free downloads for our readers.

Visit the official It Starts With Food page here: http//


In the sidebar of the page, you’ll see quotes from several prominent reviewers, like Robb Wolf, Shannon Ford (Mrs. United States), and Emily Deans, MD. These will be updated regularly as new reviews come in.


We’ve added quick links to websites where you can easily purchase the book online – sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. But don’t forget about your brick-and-mortar bookstores! Visit your town’s Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, or other local bookstore for instant gratification.

Free Downloads

All of our readers will now have access to 11 free downloadable PDFs – bonus material not found in It Starts With Food. Each document is a tool to help you make the most of your healthy eating transformation, whether you’re a Whole30® veteran, or brand new to our program.

Start by downloading our Quick-Start Guide and following our six easy steps to prepare for your Whole30® program. Or maybe you’re ready to skip right down to the Shopping List (one for omnivores, one for vegetarians/vegans), print that, and take it with you to the grocery store. (But not before you practice your Sugar label-reading skills!) And if you’re having a rough time “riding your own bike” after your Whole30 program is over, print out the Guide To Nutritional Off-Roading, pin it to your fridge, and reference it each time you feel the urge to become one with a cupcake.

More It Starts With Food bonus material: http//


There is no catch. We want to help you change your life. Period. (And we know It Starts With Food is the life-changing book you’ve been waiting for!) But if you need a little extra help, print the downloads, use them often, and share them with your family and friends. Easy peasy.

We’ll be offline tomorrow for our Tuesday (yes, even though it’s our book release date, our Tuesday are non-negotiable), but Erin will be keeping our Facebook page alive with book release updates and “sightings in the wild.”

And on Tuesday, we encourage all of you to take your own photos of you + It Starts With Food and post them to the Whole9 Facebook page! In fact, we’ll be running fun photo contests on Facebook for the next two weeks – so the more creative the shot, the better. (And for those of you who don’t want to wait for Amazon’s free shipping, remember, your Tuesday copy of ISWF is just one quick trip to Barnes and Noble away!)

As always, thank you for your support. We wrote It Starts With Food for YOU, and we are beyond excited that it’s almost finally here. We hope you are, too!

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  1. says

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for checking out the new ISWF page and free downloads. According to Melissa, “The list for vegetarians/vegans was designed for those who are firm about their choices not to consume animal protein, and for those who are transitioning out of veg*nism into more of a Paleo style of eating. We did not want to exclude any animal proteins, as some who identify as ‘vegetarians’ do eat some animal products, like seafood or eggs.”

    Hope this helps clarify!

  2. Eric says

    Are there plans for a Kindle version or should I just get the hardback tomorrow? :)

  3. Jeanye says

    Perfect timing. Our CrossFit box is hosting a nutrition talk this week. This provides the perfect handout for the occasion!

  4. says

    There was some confusion with the vegetarian/vegan lists, so we’ve modified it to include only those protein sources that are traditionally considered “vegetarian.” For pescetarians or other forms of semi-vegetarians or transitioning vegetarians who incorporate some animal products in their diets, they can combine our two lists for their protein sources.


  5. Dean Whittker says

    Hiya what about the UK, i really want this book today but not sure where i can pick it up in England. It would be better if i could jut download it from ibooks or Kindle ?


  6. Ray says

    Hi – will there be a Nook or iBooks version (esp. for highlighting and bookmarks)?

  7. Erin@Whole9 says

    Hi Ray, the ebook versions of It Starts With Food should be available in about a week.

  8. sha says

    so excited! i got an e-mail from amazon that my book shipped yesterday….before the release date, i am guessing so that i can hold it on the release date! work has never dragged on so long….cant wait to get home n jump into my mailbox!!!

  9. Thomas Martin says

    Hi Erin I am looking forward to reading this book and I see that you have answered the availability question multiple times. Will the price be about the same for the Kindle/Nook versions as the hardcover? I plan on gifting the hardcover and e-versions and just wanted to get an idea. Thanks.

  10. says

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for reading the comments before asking your question. Unfortunately we don’t have any word on the cost of the ebook versions of ISWF yet. Sorry about that, but thank you for your support of the book.


  11. Auryon says

    Oh! I wish I had checked before my purchase on Amazon! I did get the hardcover, but really wanted a Kindle version! Either way, I’m excited to devour the book when it arrives!

  12. Caroline says

    Any update on the Kindle edition? Those of us in Australia are eagerly awaiting (the hard copy would take weeks to get here). Congratulations on what is such a popular book already!

  13. Fritzie says

    are there any plans for the Meal Map to be released as a PDF? I love the Book (First got it as eBook, then I just had to have it as a hardcover, really, it saved my life!), but in the kitchen it’s not my favorite choice.

    Thank you!

  14. Jamie says

    I’m trying to download the quick start guide but it keeps telling the page no longer exist. Did the page get deleted?