The Whole30 Version 4.0 Wrap-Up

For those of you who started your Whole30 on July 1st… congratulations! Your 30 days are officially up – not that you have to run right out and dive into a box of donuts, of course. Whether it’s your first, second or tenth Whole30, today’s post is for you – part homework and part sound-off.

Homework #1

For those of you about to come off the program, we’ve got some assignments for you. First, we’d like to hear about your Whole30 results. Please take a few minutes to contribute your story to:

Homework #2

Next assignment – please read these articles to help you prepare a plan to reintroduce some of those foods you think you’ve been missing. These resources (along with the “Life After Your Whole30” section of your Whole30 Success Guide) will help you make the most of your 30 days, and figure out once and for all how the foods you used to eat are actually affecting you.

Sound Off!

And now, we want to hear from YOU. Share your results, your success stories, your obstacles, your journey. Share your most valuable Whole30 tips and tricks and your most successful strategies for staying compliant with those who will come after you. Most importantly – let us know you did it! Sound off in comments – and congratulations to all of you who completed the Whole30 Version 4.0. We hope you continue to hang around here and on Facebook to inspire, encourage and motivate others on the program.

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  1. Matt says

    Yesterday was day 31. So to start things off I of course hopped on the scale and BAM!! lost 9 pounds. It felt really good, although I could see the loss everyday in the mirror for the last few weeks. My wife made me get on the scale during the Whole30 twice, but didn’t tell me the numbers. After the first week, I dropped 10 pounds, so I ended up maintaining the rest of the time (those dang medjool dates!!).

    I feel great, seasonal allergies are no more, and I’m able to stay more alert during the day and having much fewer “Fall asleep on your keyboard” days.

    While I made it through the Whole30 without breaking any rules, I transistioned my snacks to dried fruit vice eliminating them.

    I still have some weight to lose and will continue the Whole9 way of life, but I know to stay away from dates and, oh I almost forgot, dried mango.

  2. Meg says

    I finished my 30 day challenge. Took a day off then restarted it. I would love to write a testimonial. I’m a believer! I lost 19 lbs over the course of the challenge and felt like I ate more. Great program.

  3. says

    Matt – you’ve been such a great influence in our community this past month! Thanks for all your support, motivation and sharing of your experience. I’m so happy you saw such great results, and look forward to seeing what the next few months brings you. Make sure you stick around, as others could really benefit from your perspective!



  4. says

    Julie – I know for a fact we’ve got a group running right now. Try posting in our Whole30 Version 5.0 comments, and/or on our Whole30 FB page ( to find others and gain some support.