The Return of the Wrap: Improv’eat Coconut Pure Wraps

“If we can get out of the way of our food,  it’s possible to have something simple and pure and good.”  -Todd Fitts, founder, Improv’eat

Sometimes, we find a new product that offers such promise, we can’t help but immediately start stalking the company via telephone, email, Facebook and Twitter.

This was the case when we first heard about Pure Wraps, a coconut-based wrap that promised a glorious (yet healthy) return to our old-school lunchtime roots.

To our delight, we made ourselves sound important enough to get Improv’eat founder Todd Fitts on the phone.  Two days later, our order of The Pure Wraps arrived via USPS. Less than one hour later, we were enjoying an honest-to-goodness sandwich wrap. (No messy lettuce!)

The verdict?  Not just yet!  First, some background.

About Improv’eat

From their web site: “Improv’eat is a provider of pure, unadulterated food that acts on the belief that What You Eat Matters™!  We hold ourselves, our farmers, and our suppliers to an uncompromising standard to ensure optimal nutrition. Our passion is to serve current and future generations by providing pure, unadulterated food. In order to have clean food we need a clean environment which is why we will not compromise our strict standards.”

In our first telephone call, founder Todd Fitts added, “Our credibility is on the line here.  We make products that don’t do harm; products that add to your health, not subtract from it.  We are dedicated to being professionals in a business that serves, rather than a business that just sells.  And The Pure Wraps are a prime example of this business philosophy.

About the Pure Wrap

First, The Pure Wrap’s complete ingredient list:

Coconut Meat, Coconut Water, Himalayan Salt (and in their curry flavor, Organic Curry Powder).

Really?  Yep, that’s it. Todd told us, “Everything single ingredient we use is on the product – we include nothing else in the production of Pure Wraps, and make no other product lines in our facility.”

In addition, they package The Pure Wraps in biodegradable non-GMO cellulose.  That means there are no plastics with phthalates or dioxins that could potentially leach into the product.  Finally, unlike many companies who manufacture coconut products, they do not wash their coconut with chlorine or chlorinated water – the only thing that touches the coconut is pure coconut water.

The Taste Test

So the company and the product looked good on paper, but what about the wraps?  Before we put our seal of approval on them, we needed to test them out for ourselves.  So for lunch, we made an Asian-inspired chicken salad, rolled ourselves some Original Pure Wraps… and luxuriated in the act of eating a sandwich.

First, the wraps were flexible and pliable – they didn’t crack or tear, even with serious manipulation.  The texture was fantastic – like rice paper, only thicker.  The flavor was surprisingly mild – in fact, they weren’t at all overtly coconutty.  And they held up well, even when stuffed with “wet” ingredients like chicken salad. 

The only down sides?  First, they’re pretty small – 7.25″ square.  Each wrap doesn’t hold much “stuff” – Dallas could have eaten all four chicken salad wraps on his own.  Two, they’re pretty expensive, at $6 for a package of four. (However, Todd informed us they will begin offering The Pure Wraps on their new website by the end of September for $4.99 per package)

If we took a poll, we’re betting most of you would say you $5 miss eating sandwich wraps from time to time.

So yeah, they’re a bit of a luxury item, but the price is what it is, if you’re looking at value.  Todd told us, “We try to make the price as low as possible, but we won’t lower it by doing something we shouldn’t do or adding something that makes it less healthy.  Chemicals will always be cheaper, but they’re stealing your health at the same time.”

Whole30 Approved

Based on our conversations with Todd, our review of the product ingredients and our taste-test…

We are proud to award Improv’eat and The Pure Wraps our official “Whole30 Approved” label.

You can find Pure Wraps by checking out the Improv’eat web site and clicking, “Where to purchase.” (Place your order soon – Todd says they’ve just moved to a 24 hour production schedule to keep up with demand!)

And by the end of September, you can purchase The Pure Wraps directly from Improv’eat or the specially branded The Pure Wraps site. (Per Todd, they are also open to speaking with store managers, so if you want your favorite local market to carry The Pure Wraps, speak up!)

Next week on the 9 Blog, we’ll be posting our recipe for “Asian Chicken Salad in The Pure Wrap” as part of our Steal This Meal series.  We’ll also include more information about how to store and use Pure Wraps, and give you a sneak peek at products to come – Todd told us we could give you just a hint.

And that should give you just enough time for your order of Whole30 Approved The Pure Wraps to arrive in your mailbox. You’re welcome.

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  1. says

    Love these wraps! A local health food store carries these. Can’t recall the price, but it was under $6.

    Note: I did try baking these to make coconut chips…ummmmmm, not so much. They won’t get crispy without getting a burnt tasting, and that is no good.

    Happy wrapping!

  2. says

    @Primal Kitchen: We spoke with Todd about free samples, free shipping and other discounts for our readers (naturally). He gave us an answer we could respect – at this time, they’re a small company, having a hard time keeping their product supply to their stores adequate. Todd promised his stores that he’d not do anything to compromise their supply, which means not running any special sales or promotions until they can build up their production line a bit. (We purchased our samples – they weren’t given to us!)

    They hope in the future to be able to extend offers like this to the public (and our readers), but right now that’s just not possible, and we totally understand.


  3. says

    The company I order my Coconut Aminos from has them in stock here in Canada so I just added a pack to my order – $7 for the 4 wraps but it will be neat to eat a sandwich for the first time in months – and one that won’t leave me feeling lethargic, bloated, and gross! :) Now just waiting for the news that they will carry Sea Snax and I’ll be all set……….Thanks for the heads-up..!

  4. Maria says

    Maybe for those just starting out on the Whole30 journey…but I just don’t miss sandwiches/wraps at all when there are entirely too many delicious meals to be had. :)

  5. PT says

    My Pure Wraps just came in the mail this week and I’ve been brainstorming ideas to use it for dinner tonight. I’m thinking sweet potato + kale + mushroom + ground meat + Melicious’s Sunshine Sauce, but asian chicken slaw sounds good as well!

  6. says

    Lol, I have been reading the pure wraps site for a while and telling everyone about it too but have been on the fence! Eating chicken salad as we speak–sliced grilled chicken with 3 different fermented veggie mixes I made (one with bok choy and garlic, one just fermented carrot sticks and fermented cukes), endive, avocado and avocado oil! Yummy lunch!!

    Thanks for the review.

  7. kytashie says

    I just had THE best lunch ever! I was surprised to find these in Wenatchee of all places. I loaded it with steak, arugala, spinach and cabbage salsa. YUM! The only problem is I didn’t realize I had two stuck together :( Thank you for the tip!

  8. says

    Good enough for me! :) I’ll be ordering them now…

    An asian-inspired chicken salad sounds good too. I’ll have to figure one of those out this weekend.


  9. Andrea says

    Awesome. I was just on a long road trip and kinda missed making wraps to eat in the car.. these might do the trick next time!

  10. Sarah Jane says

    I just found this post because I was wanting a review on the Pure Wraps, and after reading your review am really curious about the Asian chicken salad recipe, but from the link provided I cannot find it, and when I did a search internally on your site it doesn’t come up. Was it removed?

  11. says

    Sarah Jane,

    I had to do some digging, but it turns out that post is still sitting in draft mode! (I guess we forgot to publish it – sorry about that!) I’ll make sure it goes up next week – stay tuned.


  12. Suze says

    Hello! I tripped into here from a Paleo Digest blog and so glad I did!

    I rarely jump in with new stuff, but after seeing this and checking out the Improv’eat site, I was hooked. I ordered last night. Can’t wait to get them!!!

    I have tried to make homemade wraps, and sorry to say, I stink at it. I am trying to stay gluten-free, so can’t run up to the store for low carb wraps anymore… I tried Noori wraps, but OMG they were way too fishy and crinkly and yuck. I LOVE coconut products, so I have lots of hope for these. They are pricey, but sometimes a real wrap is a beautiful thing.

  13. says


    The key is not trying to overstuff these. They’re not super big, so I usually make two at a time, and leave some filling out on the side for extra protein. Enjoy!



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