Steal These Meals: Recipe Sharing Blogs

Today, we’d like to feature not one, but hundreds of fabulous Paleo(ish) recipes for your consideration.  Recipe sharing blogs are all the rage these days, and some of our favorite contributors (like Melissa Joulwan’s The Clothes Make the Girl and Tom Denham’s Whole Life Eating) have been spreading the Good Food Word via these beautiful blogs.  One word of caution – not all of the creations found on these blogs meet our strict Whole30 criteria.  We thought long and hard about whether to share these links in our otherwise perfect Whole30 “STM” series, but there were so many good recipes to be found here that we decided to share… with some caveats to read your ingredients and don’t assume everything you find is Whole30-okay.  (Besides, at this point, you’re all more than competent at selecting those recipes and ingredients that meet our Whole30 criteria.)

We Don’t Do Cupcakes

There are plenty of Paleo recipe sites out there – so why have we selected these to feature in our Steal This Meal series?  Because these two sites focus on EVERYDAY FOOD. They’re not full of Paleo cupcakes, ice cream and brownies – special occasion treats designed to satisfy your sweet tooth but not your nutritional requirements. There’s a place for those types of recipes, for sure – but muffins, cakes and cookies are not the kind of foods you want for your family’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, now, are they?  You need recipes for real, EVERYDAY food, designed to nourish your bodies and your taste buds.  And that’s what these two sites have to offer – meal upon meal that you really could eat every day.  (But why would you, with hundreds of unique recipes for the tasting?)

Steal These Meals:  The Foodee Blog

From  “The Foodee Project brings the best Paleo-friendly meals and resources to one easy to use location. There are some incredible people spreading the good Paleo word and we aim to bring as much attention to what they are doing as possible.”   Foodee was created by Matthew Lucas, co-owner of CrossFit Southwest in Tempe, AZ, who has personal experience with our Whole30 program.  Matt writes, “We just used the Whole30 at my gym, CrossFit Southwest, for our Paleo challenge with great success. My parents out in California joined us and have continued into February with tremendous results too!”  The Foodee project brings some of the best Paleo recipes together in one easy-to-find location.  They scour the web and re-post creative, delicious healthy recipes… so you don’t have to!

In addition, they offer a “meal of the day” widget that you can add to your web site, to share new recipes with your readers on a daily basis.  And we’re working with The Foodee Project now to add a Whole30 tag to their recipes, to make Whole30-compliant meals easy to find. With 267 meal-of-the-day recipes (and counting!), the Foodee Project will keep you happy and busy in the kitchen for months to come.

Steal These Meals:  Chowstalker

From  “ChowStalker is a new community food blog, actually more of a pictorial directory of food blogs, but notice anything different?  Yeah, no cupcakes.  What you will find here are pleasing pictures of foods that nourish the body.  And with one simple click on the photo that catches your eye, you will land on the blog written by that cook showing you how to make it for yourself.”  (Check their FAQ page for more information about their project.)

How could we NOT love a recipe sharing site with a manifesto like that?  Chowstalker is newer to the recipe sharing world, but gaining traction fast due to their strict criteria for recipe submissions (no grains, legumes, or added sugar of any sort, real or artificial) and their gorgeous site layout.  They’ve got neatly organized categories to help you create meals, and an ever-expanding roster of recipes sure to please your palate.  PLUS, they’re planning to add a “Whole30” category for their recipe submissions, so you can quickly and easily find delicious, Whole30-approved Chowstalker recipes. Bonus!

Share YOUR Meal Today

Like what you see?   The reason these sites work is because folks like us – and YOU! – take the time to share our recipe creations. If you’ve got a blog or web site that features delicious, Whole30 or Paleo recipes, consider submitting your creations to one of these recipe sharing sites. Consider it your good-karma-paying-it-forward deed for the day, because without submissions from folks like YOU, these sites simply wouldn’t exist.  So spread your Good Food Word… and then get to cookin’.  Submit your recipes to the Foodee and Chowstalker blogs, or send them to us directly at for our Steal This Meal series.  Did you find a recipe you love on one of these sites?  Share it with our community here in comments.  (And to give credit where credit is due – that gorgeous header photo of ours comes from Melissa Joulwan’s amazing Whole30-approved tuna salad recipe.)

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  1. says

    THANK YOU. I have been a great fan/stalker of M. Joulwan’s recipe index, and look forward to trying out some of these other resources.



  2. says

    Just wanted to let you know that the Whole30 category is under ‘special diets” on if you submit any recipes, you can also add a “Whole30” tag! Melissa and Dallas are going to look through the current recipes and let me know which ones pass the Whole30 standards, and we will add those to the Whole30 category. Hopefully many of them will make the grade! I know Melissa’s will> :-)

  3. Lindsay says

    This is beyond awesome. Seriously every week I scroll Melissa and Toms website to be inspired. It is great to know that there is even more out there. Again, awesome. Thank you.