The Whole9 Envoy Extraordinaire Program

We are excited to announce a new resource for our nutrition programs – a new source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement for our readers, and an important sounding board and focus group for us. We’ll be collaborating with some hand-picked folks who have made significant contributions to the Whole9 community, enthusiastically participated (and succeeded!) with our Whole30 program and who embody the spirit of our mission and values. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to this fantastic group of people – our Whole9 Envoy Extraordinaires.

Whole9 Envoy Extraordinaires

The Whole9 EE program is designed to build stronger relationships within our community (and bring new health-minded folks to our door!) by empowering our Envoy Extraordinaires to reach out on our behalf. Think of them like nutrition goodwill ambassadors, spreading our Good Food Word with passion and conviction. Our Envoys will help us by providing ideas, feedback and material for our site, and in turn, we’ll help to develop them so they can continue educating, motivating and inspiring our community.

We chose our Envoys based on more than just their Whole30 successes – how much weight they’ve lost from their body or added to their deadlift. And it’s not just that they’re experts on our Whole30 guidelines (although they most certainly are). No, our Envoy’s biggest asset is that they totally GET the Whole30 program. Not just the rules or the technicalities, but the spirit and intention of the program, earned through the hard work they all did to change their own lives in 30 days. And we’ve recruited them to help US help YOU. Which means you can rely on our Envoys to provide support, encouragement and advice during your Whole30 – and you can be sure their advice is good, their recommendations are solid and their tough love is 100% justified.

Visit our new Envoy page

Join us in welcoming our first group of EEs to the Whole9 family, and get to know a little more about them on our new Envoy page. Our Envoy Extraordinaires will have specially designated profiles in our comments – you’ll know them by the “Whole9 EE” after their names. And they also have their own page on our site, so you can check out their profiles to see who you can connect with in our community and in yours.  Finally, our EEs will have a special graphic on their web site or blog, to let their readers know they are part of the Whole9 family.

As always, thank you to everyone who reads, follows, comments and contributes to the Whole9. We look forward to further educating, sharing and growing our community… with the help of our specially designated Envoy Extraordinaires.

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  1. Laura Rockow says

    I want to become a whole9 envoy. I’ve turned about a dozen friends on to “It Starts with Food” and the whole9life website. Everyone thinks I work for the Hartwigs! I get two to three requests per day on facebook for help and advice I’ve just finished my 30 days and I’m so proud and amazed by this process. My 20yh day was pivotal! All cravings gone, drinking my coffee with only a bit of coconut milk. Eating a mountain of vegetables daily, feeling better and better! I am a swimmer, swim daily for two years straight. Starting spin classes on tuesday. Please choose me to be your Santa cruz area whole9 envoy!!!

  2. says


    Thanks so much for your note, and for your passion! We select our Envoys by invitation only, from those who have been active and participatory in our community. If you’re interesting in helping us share the Good Food word, then keep commenting on our blog posts, participate in our forum, and help others new to the program with your veteran advice and encouragement. We’re always on the lookout for new folks to add to our team, so we hope to see you around the site and Facebook!