New Whole9 Workshop Discounts

We’re happy to be rolling out some special nutrition workshop discounts today, due in no small part to requests from former workshop participants. You want to send your parents, you want to bring your kids, and you want to come back and hear us again… because sometimes, the motivation and inspiration you get from a workshop or seminar is worth the price of admission all by itself.   And we’d like to make it even easier for you and your loved ones to come hear the Whole9 Good Food Word by offering a few new discounts.

Please note, these discounts apply to U.S. and Canada Whole9 full-day seminars only.


Foundations Workshop:  We (heart) your parents.

Over the last six months, we’ve heard one thing over and over from workshop participants:  “I want to send my parents to your workshop.”   Parents are often hard-pressed to change their diets – they tend to be the group most likely to listen to their doctor, the government and Oprah, and the most resistant to “radical” dietary changes like the Whole30.  But for those parents who have come to our events and completed our Whole30 program… the results are nothing short of amazing.  We’ve heard reports of medications discontinued, effortless weight loss, decades of aches and pains miraculously cured, lifestyle diseases and conditions averted.

So for those of you who have attended our Foundations Nutrition Workshop and wish to send your parents, we’ll give them a 50% discount on their Foundations registration fee. Just email with your name and your workshop date and location, PLUS the name of your parent(s) and the workshop location they’ll be attending, and we’ll send you a special coupon code good for 50% off their registration fees.  (Sorry, this discount doesn’t apply to your sister, aunt or hairdresser – parents only, please!)

Foundations Workshop: Kids come free!

On occasion, we’ve been privileged enough to see some younger faces in our crowds – mostly high school kids who have given up their precious Saturday to listen to a couple of semi-cool old folks talk about nutrition for eight.  Hours.  Straight.  Well, for those of you who have teenagers interested in health, fitness and nutrition (and willing to give up a day in their weekend for the cause!) we’d like to invite them to join in our discussion.

Going forward, bring your kids (between the ages of 14 – 18) with you to any Foundations workshop… on us. Just email with your name and your workshop date and location, PLUS the name and age of your child/children, and we’ll send you a special coupon code good for free Foundations registrations for your kid(s).

Get Healthy With The One You Love

You’ve got a much better shot at changing your diet – and changing your life – if you can get your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner on board with you.  So make a romantic date for a Whole9 Nutrition Workshop – and save $10 on both of your registration fees.  Just email with your name, requested workshop date and location, PLUS the name of your spouse/partner, and we’ll send you a special coupon code good for$10 off your registration fees.

Foundations Workshop: Are you a Whole9 “Repeat Offender”?

Finally, we’ve done enough events this summer that we’re starting to see more and more familiar faces in the crowd – people who have come to hear us once, and came back again for additional know-how, practical application, and (most importantly) added motivation to continue with their healthy eating habits.  We love seeing friendly faces at our workshops, and for those of you who have only seen our half-day events, we’d like to encourage you to come back and hear the new material we’ve recently added.

We’re happy to offer “repeat offenders” – those who have been to one Foundations workshop already – a 50% discount on repeat Foundations events.  Just email with your name and prior workshop date and location, PLUS the workshop date and location you’d like to attend now, and we’ll send you a special coupon code good for 50% off your Foundations registration.


Thanks to all the event hosts and workshop attendees for their support this year – and hope to see plenty of new faces in the crowd at future events.  Check our web site sidebar for a current list of dates and locations, and check back often, as we’re adding new workshops every week.

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  1. Lindsay says

    This is awesome. My parents are embracing the whole 30 just by me challenging them, but i would love for them to have their own experience. Possible dates for Sacramento CA?

  2. says

    Awesome news!

    Just saw you added a workshop in Smyrna Georgia. I’m planning on attending and hoping to bring my wife, sister, brother-in-law, and mom along. Any chance of a family discount?

  3. says

    Wow! This is just what I need to help my Mom realize I am not the only crazy one who thinks she can be helped by changing her diet. See you in Bowie,

  4. Christine says

    I guess my husband and I are pretty lucky:
    Although my mom, 78, is still a raw food-loving vegan, my father, 71, wants to go paleo in preparation for the marathon that he’s planning to run next year. My MIL, 64, and FIL, 69, have recently adopted a loose version of the paleo diet.
    Also, none of them watch Oprah : )

  5. says


    We don’t have anything booked in Florida at this time, but we’re working on a Miami date in April 2011. Keep an eye on our sidebar for upcoming workshops locations.


    We were just in Roseville, CA, a few weeks ago! So, no, we don’t have anything coming up in the Sacramento area.


    We’ll extend the 50% off “parent discount” to your mom, but unfortunately, we’re not able to give discounts to everyone – or else we’d be unable to afford to keep doing this! See you in January!


    I’m from BC, so I’d LOVE an excuse to come “home”… but no, we don’t have anything booked in Alberta. Talk to your local gym and see if they’re interested in hosting us!


    That’s awesome! It’s amazing to see parents make changes and reap the amazing benefits of a good diet.

  6. Wendy says

    Any in the VA/MD/DC area anytime soon? Wanna go to Hopkins and teach those Doctors a thing or two?

    – Wendy :)

  7. says

    @Wendy: We’ll be scheduling another MD event in Spring 2011… stay tuned to our sidebar.

    @Dena: You just missed us in Lancaster, PA! Keep an eye on our web site sidebar, we’ll be back to your area at some point.


  8. Jackie says

    Hi Guys, would there be any seminar’s in the central coast area of QLD in the near future?

    Gladstone, Rockhampton, Bundaberg would be great :) I know there would be quite a few people personally would love to come along!

    Cheers Jackie

  9. Maria Molina says

    May 31, 2014 I would love to get a discount on this workshop, if your offer still stands.


  10. Christine says

    I was so excited that you were coming to my area (Schererville, IN) on June 21, 2014 but every time I click “register now” it says it doesn’t exist.