8 weeks. 10,000 miles. Whole9.

We have amazing, fantastic, big-time news – some frexciting* changes are taking place here at Whole9.  What’s the word?

After months of planning, Dallas and I have both decided to leave our 9-5 day jobs, so we can take the Whole9 full time.

We’ve been gearing up for this huge life change, laying out the practical details of our upcoming job-less-ness (scary!) and making plans to grow and develop the Whole9 (fun!). We finally pulled the trigger and gave our notice, and as of April 1st, we’re both free and clear of our respective work-jails* and 100% devoted to the blog, our personal consulting clients, our workshops and the community.  FREXCITING.

(*As our good friend Melicious would say.)

Dallas has actually been done at the hospital for a week now – he’s spending time in BC with family until Friday, but will be back next week drafting articles for the blog, coaching private clients and fixing broken CrossFitters with his PT magic.  I’ll be wrapped up at my job by April 1st, and then for both of us… it’s all 9, all the time.  As part of these plans, we’ve decided to have a little adventure – eight weeks on the road, seeing the country and conducting a whole series of workshops.  The plan is to hit all four corners of the continental US, including a well-earned vacation in the Keys with Captain Tom (and a special guest appearance by Canada!).  We’ve got the first month and a half pretty well booked, and we’ll play the last half of the trip by ear before we return to New England sometime in July.  (We’ve also just booked a series of Toronto workshops – not part of the road trip, but details to follow!)

Click on the Road Trip Map below to see where we’re headed – we’ll keep it updated as we add new destinations. (We’re planning to book a few more workshops along our path, both during the week and on the few weekends we still have open.) Coming to a town near you?  Check our sidebar for registration information, or email us for details.

Stay tuned in the coming months, because we’ve got big, big plans for the site, the community, our workshops, our clients. And thank you to all for the support and encouragement – because, of course, we could not do this without you.

We can help you live the Whole9 life.

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  1. says

    Coming through my neck of the woods again?

    I made you come here last time. Perhaps I can meet you this time? DC. B’More? NoVa?

    Let me know.

    I thought you had my cell number.

  2. says

    @Struck: Yes… you know I have your cell. I’ll give you a call back tonight. That video you sent me was awesome and hilarious – congrats on the DL PR, although I think if you had a tramp stamp you might have been able to pull more. Just sayin’. We’re headed through your area, doing a workshop in Ocean City, MD on Tuesday night. Love to see you, we’ll work something out.

  3. Rich says

    Looks like you might be jetting by Quantico on your way south in early May… the box at CF Quantico will welcome you if you want to stop by for a work out!

  4. Audrey says

    Can’t wait for you to come through Fort Collins, CO. Already registered and ready to go!

  5. Barry says

    Are you really planning on giving Cali an almost complete pass? Don’t you want to drop in on Robb Wolf in Chico, K-Star in SF, Catalyst Athletics in Sunnyvale, or dare I suggest the humble box where I train, Team CrossFit Academy down in LA (well, Monrovia to be precise)? I know you can’t go everywhere, and I’m very glad to see that you’re paying attention to Canada (thanks to Dallas, I presume), but still, you’ve GOT to make at least a few stops a bit further down the Pacific coast, no?

  6. says

    @Rich: Our time in the mid-Atlantic is limited, but if we have some time, I’d love to drop in on you and your Marines!

    @Audrey: We are SO excited for our EmerFit gig! Looking forward to meeting you there.

    @Ben: Not so fast… we would never pass through the great state of Texas without pulling up on Tucker! We’ll probably be hanging at GSX for a day or two, if we can coordinate schedules. If we set up a workshop there, I’ll definitely let you know.

    @Mel: I. Cannot. WAIT. Haberneros for breakfast, man-training, and barbecue the likes of which this NH girl has yet to see. Bring it.

    @Barry: It would be a travesty to skip the whole darn state, so we’re trying to figure out how to work Cali in. We want to stop at Robb’s for sure, we’ve already received workshop requests from two affiliates in the L.A. area (and Phoenix) that we’d LOVE to work into our schedule, plus we’re definitely hitting San Diego at some point along the way. Plans are still in the works, but stay tuned.

  7. says

    Melissa –

    I am SO happy for you guys!!! Have you thought about ‘Franchising’ Whole9?? It could be the next McDonalds!! That’s what I call a ‘Happy Meal’!!! FREAKING AWESOME! :)


  8. Adam says

    Wow, congratulations guys that is awesome news!

    Kudos on taking the plunge, I am 100% confident you’ll be just fine. Think yourself lucky, how many people find a job that they are so passionate about – I know I’m still looking! Not to mention the trip in itself woud be awesome, seeing that much of the country.

    Best of luck to both of you! Looking forward to the next exciting instalment.


  9. Brad says

    Congratulations…Where are you going to be in Atlanta? Maybe you could make a stop out our gym in Alpharetta?

  10. says

    @Dad: Uh, yeah. I probably should have put, “No Workshops… private training only”. Will trade deadlift coaching for fishing and snorkeling charters?

    @Amy/Joanna/Adam/Nadine: Thanks so much! It’s wicked exciting – we’ve had so many big plans and ideas for the business and the web site, and now we’ll finally have enough time to actually pursue them.

    @Brad: We’ll be at CF On the Move in Atlanta on Saturday, May 8th, and potentially Sunday the 9th, depending on the demand. You guys are super close to Atlanta – if we’ve can find time in the schedule, we’d love to pay a visit!

  11. says

    TORONTO! oh happy day! where where where?
    we have plenty of people at our box waiting for the whole9 crew to come north!
    best news ever!

  12. JCO says

    ARMSTRONG!!! Hell ya that’s my hometown and I will be there! When can we register for that one?

  13. Steve says


    Good for you.

    It is so hard to live your dreams and I am happy you found a way to Live Your Dream. Every time I see someone I know reach their Dream my life becomes a little richer. Thanks for sharing and enriching my life.

  14. says

    @Amber: Amen, sister! Thanks for the support.

    @Sio: We’re currently booked at CrossFit Gyms (about to become CF Academy of Lions) on Sunday, July 25th. They’re working hard to get registration set up, so as soon as it’s open, we’ll post the links here. Would LOVE to see you and your crew!

    @JCO: We don’t actually have a GIG in Armstrong… that’s where Dallas has family. We’d love to do something at one of the Kelowna boxes, though, so stay tuned, and hopefully we can line something up.

    @Steve: Thanks for the comment, and for staying so loyal to us here. We always love hearing from you!

    @Kevin: SWEET. I’ll try to be as New Hampshire as possible, in your honor.

  15. Amanda K. says

    First time commenter but couldn’t wait any longer…wicked excited about the workshop in Ft. Collins. As a Mainer, I’m psyched to meet you both and hear your sweet stuff face to face!

  16. Kevin says

    Every little bit counts. If I could get wicked smaht then I will be more than happy. The longer you are away from home (and older you get) the more nostalgic you get.

    For the record, my wife thinks I’m crazy driving 200+ miles to listen to someone talk about nutrition. Then again she thinks me eating Paleo is a little wacky too.


  17. Larissa says

    Glad to see you’ll be coming somewhere close to the Midwest! Sometimes I think we are forgotten here — all 6 (?) of us! As soon as the link goes live for Toronto, I’ll be signing up!

  18. says

    Melissa and Dallas,

    It was a privilege to spend time with you at CrossFit KoP and it will be a continued privilege to see how you grow your practice! Best of luck to you both … Rock on!


  19. Claudia says

    I cannot wait to see you guys in June here in the beautiful state of Nevada, make time to see Lake Tahoe, you won’t regret it!. I will be free and clear of current stressors by then and hopefully a bit more stronger and leaner. Plus a teaching license in my pocket!! Yippee

  20. says


    Looking forward to seeing you at our workshop. It always surprises (and flatters) us to hear of people making long-distance travel plans to come see us, so we’ll do our best to make your trip worthwhile.


    Toronto, sweet! We’re actually working on a couple different Toronto dates and locations over the coming months, so stay tuned. (My family is from Oshawa, so it’ll be nice to be in town to see them, too.) See you there!


    I was just saying to Melissa the other day that it was so, so nice to (finally) meet people at Whole9 workshops that we’ve previously corresponded with. Looking forward to putting a face with a name :)

  21. Erin Nissen says

    Melissa and Dallas,

    What about Saint Louis ? Please check out Crossfit St. Louis

    and consider a drive by. Would love to see you.

    Erin Nissen